At Gallinée we say we’re designed for sensitive skin. What do we mean exactly, and how can we help?

  • First thing first, what is sensitive skin?

It’s not really a condition, but it’s the sensation that your skin is itchy, red, burning and prone to inflammation.

  • What are the causes of sensitive skin?

An impaired skin barrier that don’t protect you as it should, and an impoverished microbiome that cannot regulate inflammation as much as usual. Add to that stress and pollution. So mostly, modern life.

  • Are you stuck with sensitive skin forever?

The good news is that you’re not. The more we understand it, the better we become at treating it.

And at Gallinée, we understand it very well. And here is how were helping.

  • Our 5 tips to treat sensitive skin
  1. Not stripping. It’s bad enough to have a damaged skin barrier, so let’s not strip what’s there. Our cleansers are ultra gentle, and the perfect pH for your delicate skin. Try: The Foaming Cleanser.
  2. A lot of active ingredients, but very gentle. Powerful doesn’t have to mean irritating. Our prebiotic and probiotic ingredients are perfect for feeding your microbiome and help with this state of irritation. Try: our Hydrating Face Cream.
  3. Barrier repairing. It’s all about the barrier these days, and we’re here for it. Try our Face Oil for nourishment and instant soothing.
  4. More than face. It would be so nice if only your cheeks were sensitive. But in case the damage is bigger than this, we’ve got products for sensitive body skin, sensitive scalp and sensitive mouth.
  5. Inside agent. Sometimes your skin aggressors are all coming from outside. But often, it’s teamed up with an internal inflammation: from diet, stress, lack of sleep or something else. We’re also here for that thanks to our Skin & Microbiome Supplements.

And it works! We test our products on sensitive skin and very sensitive skin, and we have hundreds of amazing feedbacks!