This year our Christmas sets come with a very special thing: A set of stickers designed by the extraordinary Twisted Doodles.

You might be already following her on Twitter or Instagram (The Rock does).

She’s a perfect storm: She’s Irish, a PhD Scientist, a mum of twins and the funniest illustrator around.

So we were absolutely delighted when she accepted to develop some nerdy bacteria, science cats and pretty DNA stickers for us. Marie has been sticking them a bit everywhere. I mean, isn’t it the cutest bacteria you’ve ever seen?

From her real name Maria Boyle, @twisteddoodles is a proper translational scientist living in Ireland. Please find below our favourites, but we’d really encourage you to follow her and discover her daily updates.

Maria also has a book out (

You can get the @twisteddoodles stickers in every “make your own” Christmas sets, available only on

Fun fact: These are PLA stickers (poly-lactic acid), and are fully biodegradable!

Send us pictures of your stickers stuck on things!