Yes we can and yes we did! Our international expansion continues more and more: after launching at Sephora Southeast Asia, you can now find Gallinée products on the shelves of American Urban Outfitters (yes, we are very happy!) and buy our products on the American and Canadian UO websites.

So you know, we thought:

What could be better than a selection of things we’re dreaming of buying at Urban Outfitters to announce this great news? Nothing better? Yes that’s exactly what we thought. So just because you asked for it, here is our wishlist:

DOIY Design Fact Ticket Box

One ticket a day keeps the ignorance away (or something like this!). We keep learning about bacteria, and we love being science experts, however we promise, we happen to read facts outside the lexical field of the microbiome. This ticket box is a good tool to learn facts that you can use and reuse at your next cocktail parties.

Georganics Tooth Soap

We love our friends from Georganics and we love even more their products! Here is a unusual toothpaste in shape of a soap! Super easy for when you travel around the world (or your house).

Gallinée Facial Foaming Cleanser

Yes, you’re not dreaming, we put our very own Facial Foaming Cleanser in our wishlist. And, what’s the problem? Some self promotion never hurt, plus we love our products and today is not the day we’re going to hide it.

The Beauty Chef Gut Guide: With 90+ Delicious Recipes and Weekly Meal Plans By Carla Oates

We’re super happy to notice that more and more people are interesting in the link between food, mood and beautiful skin! This cookbook is for “people who want to better understand the science underpinning the link between gut and skin health”. Good occasion to tell you that we are offering a cookbook. All recipes have been imagined by Antonia Magor, nutritionist, to integrate prebiotics and probiotics in your daily meals. You’ll find ideas for breakfasts, meals, sweets but also drinks and snacks! To download the cookbook, click here.

BARK All Day Rosé Dog Toy

A stuffed toy in shape of Rosé bottle (long live to French wine and gastronomy!) for your dog. I mean, who had this idea? That’s why we love Urban Outfitters: you never know what you can find! The good reason of buying this is that it means that you have a dog, which means your microbiome is diversified: we’re explaining how to take care of your microbiome right here, and one of the tips is to pet your dog.

… ok ok we admit it, we have no idea how a stuffed toy for dogs happened to be in this list.

Our top 5 is already over so for the most curious among you, here are the precise addresses of the stores where Gallinée products are sold:

628 Broadway New York, NY 10012-2679

1440 Third St. Promenade Santa Monica, CA 90401-1713

80 Powell St.San Francisco, CA 94102-2816

526 Avenue Of The Americas New York, NY 10011-8405

521 Fifth Ave.New York City, NY 10175

1333 Broadway New York, NY 10018-7204