Today I would like to speak about a subject key to our values: Products with less water.

First of all, a little pet hate of mine. You know the percentage of active ingredients from natural origin? It include water, because well, nothing is more natural than water. So if your super expensive toner is 95% natural but is also 95% water, everything outside of water is synthetic. It’s not a bad thing, and we don’t have anything against synthetic ingredients, we are using quite a few ourselves. But I just wanted to get it off my chest.

So that’s why the Gallinée Cleansing Bar is “only” 89% natural ingredients: Because it barely contains any water!

We really wanted to develop a solid cleanser for a few reasons:

  • No water means that you don’t have to put preservatives in the products. And as preservatives are bad for bacteria, it made us happy not to use preservatives.
  • It saves on energy, space, packaging, money, you name it. Using the soap twice a day, it will last you 2 months, and there is only a little piece of cardboard to discard. Water is heavy, so you save a lot on carbon footprint when you don’t have to carry a lot of water from the factory to the warehouse, to the shop, to the consumer.
  • It’s not a liquid so it can travel in cabin luggage without any problem (I travel a lot, it’s important for me).

And now a quasi-secret about Gallinée products: they have less water than in other brands.

It’s for the same reasons than the cleansing bar: Our aim is to sell products that work with a lot of safe active ingredients, we are not in the water business. Also, because our products have less water in them, you need a smaller quantity. Usually, you need to divide the quantity by two compared to another brand. Only a pea of hand cream for example.

It’s the same for our newest hair & scalp range. Don’t hesitate to dilute it with a splash of water before applying your cleansing cream or your mask.

Et voila! Probably a world first: A beauty brand that tells you to use less of their products