Meet the Shrub. The new cool drink of this year is as cool as kombucha and as good for as Kefir. And it’s based on… Vinegar.

Don’t make a sour face, it is actually really good!

For a start, it is much better than the apple drinking vinegar shot I tried one day where I was feeling adventurous.

Just think of it as a refreshing sharp alcohol-free cocktail. And where can you drink it? We’ve got a few cool spots to recommend.

  1. The Smiley one: High Mood Food. We love everything about High Mood Food. The food, the brownie (chestnut flour brownie!) and the fact they opened in Spitalfields recently, which makes them our favourite lunchtime spot. And they make a wonderful shrub, with mint and ginger and a bit of sparkling water.
  2. The Hipster one: Little Duck Picklery. I was lucky to go there with the lovely Emma Horeau, and we were overly excited by the content of the big fridge in this extra cool open table restaurant. They mix, infuse and sell different drinking vinegars. I now always have a bottle in my fridge and have some every day. The way I prepare it is 1/5 vinegar, 4/5 sparling water, tiny bit of honey. At the moment I have the cinnamon and plum vinegar, which is amazing
  3. The new kid: Nonsuch Shrubs, a new brand of drinking vinegars that you can find and buy in planet organic. Our favourite: the Sour Cherry & Mint!

Tell us if you know other spots and if you like a bit of shrub yourself!