Today I’d like to speak about a tiny subject, but one which is close to my heart.

Why are our products not super white?

You might have noticed our creams are “cream coloured”, one of my posh friends calls it “egg-shell colour”. Our scalp cleansing cream is also far from white.

When I designed Gallinee products, I came on to the concept of “colour matching” your products. It seems than normally, all products of your range should be the same colour, and this colour is usually white (or a nice pastel colour). How do you achieve this white? By adding colourants.

You will usually find them in your INCI list, they often start with the letter C and a number. The European regulation even gives you the full list of the authorised one ( All of them are perfectly safe to use in the right conditions, and we even have titanium dioxide in one or two of our products.

So why not in all of our products?

Well, it’s a personal choice based on two reasons:

  • It goes with our minimalist approach: why put something in a product that doesn’t really add anything to the safety or the efficacy of the product?
  • Natural ingredients have natural colours, and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. For example, our myrtle extract in the face cream is not white, so the finished product won’t be white either. Logical and natural.

Et voila, welcome to a world where nothing is black and white.

Marie, Gallinée’s founder