I was told recently that every year, 300 skincare brands launch in Europe. 300!

SO WHY DID I DECIDE TO JOIN THE RACE? Excellent question, thank you for asking.

Because I want to shake things up a bit.

I have worked almost 15 years in the industry, and I loved every minute of it. I have worked for really cool brands, launched great ranges and stocked my bathroom and room with a LOT of products. But after some year, I started to be a bit restless. Where was the innovation coming from? Of course you had new scent, new plant extracts, new textures but everything looked a bit… samey.

Also I was looking for brands to start talking to me like an adult. The consumer is informed and intelligent, because… it’s all of us! So why not talk about what’s really in the products, how the science work and generally be more real? I don’t really care about photoshopped models, I much prefer to look at the ingredient list. We talk a lot about “happy science” between us at Gallinée, and I really believe in it. Science is cool, interesting, and has great applications in skincare, so let’s embrace it.

 And the more I looked into the microbiome, the more I was sure that this was going to be a revolution in beauty. A lot of late nights, meetings and business plans later, here we are!

Because I can work with my friends all day, every day. I have a very long list of people I want to work with, but I already have the core:

ANAIS. We met 5 years ago and immediately hit off. We share a weird love for ramen and bad music. She single-handedly took my culture in hands by organizing “girls movie nights” when she learned I had never seen Dirty Dancing, The Notebook and Honey. She is also really good at branding, communication and has the best beauty culture you can dream of. That helps.

YVONNE. Without contest the coolest person I know, and the warmest, and the most talented. Yvonne’s secret dream is to get rid of this annoying habit of “sleeping”, so that she create more in a day. I am very lucky she accepted to do Gallinée’s design and that she is so patient with me.

And very selfishly, I want to make the best possible products so that I can use them on myself. Developing your own formula and seeing it become a “proper” product is the most exciting, thrilling and satisfying thing ever. Using it every day is constantly amazing. Getting good feedback makes my day, and hopefully it will make my day for a lot of days to come.