The first person who ever saw a bacteria was Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in 17th-century Netherlands. He invented the first microscope and pointed it at whatever came his way. And how did he feel when he discovered swimming animacules in the scraps of his teeth or in rainwater? Delighted.

Then science progressed and we realised that things were also swimming in boils, pustules, sores and wounds. And that swimming things were also spoiling milk. And for the next 150 years, whenever we heard of bacteria, the main feeling was disgust.

The result? We scrubbed and cleaned everything we could, starting with ourselves!

When I was younger, I remember using pure alcohol to treat my acne. And I was not even feeling weird about it.

Today we all know better, and we are starting to not only make peace with the bacteria living with us, but also helping them help us. Welcome to the future, it’s much more gentle and it includes putting bacteria on your face.

Probiotics, live or not, have always been used to soothe the skin. Yogurt and kefir were used to soothe irrited skin for a very long time. People didn’t really understand why back then, but it was working. Now we know, and we can tweak it and do things a bit more efficient than just slapping yogurt on.

That’s why Gallinée products are full of tyndalized bacteria, probiotics that can help balance your skin microbiome. When you think about it, it makes so much more sense: support your skin and its ecosystem instead of fighting a nuclear war on it.

So come on, put bacteria on your face, and ditch the rubbing alcohol!

Marie, Gallinée’s founder


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