The most important skincare tip at the moment? Replenishment.

 With all the hygienic washing (plus stress) we are all doing during lockdown, the levels of good bacteria and natural oils in your skin will undoubtedly be depleted. There’s no better way to show your microbiome some TLC than by replenishing these levels.

 Quick science lesson: your microbiome – also known as the ‘skin flora’ – is a collection of thousands of microorganisms and bacteria that live on your skin. Amongst these microorganisms are the ‘good guys’, scientifically known as prebiotics and postbiotics.

 To replenish your skin with the right balance of good bacteria that it takes to thrive, you need to feed it with plenty of prebiotics and postbiotics.

 Postbiotics are the good bacteria strains in your skin that help to keep it in good condition, prebiotics are the fuel that keeps the postbiotics working. So, when your postbiotics are ‘well-fed’ your skin is pretty happy. Here’s why:

 You are pretty much a walking, talking petri-dish – over 50% of you is made up of bacteria. In fact, our skin is made up of thousands of bacteria that help it to do its job.

 Probiotics help to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin – your body’s front line of defence. Skin that is well-balanced with prebiotics and postbiotics guards against bad micro-organisms and damaging external factors.

 This helps to prevent attacks on the skin’s surface that would provoke an immune reaction, such as inflammation. It helps to breakdown bad bacteria that cause infection and disease via skin contact. They also help your skin to deal with damaging external factors such as UV rays from the sun and nasty pollutants in the air.

 Essentially, postbiotics provide your skin with the nourishment and diversity that it takes to protect itself and (almost) as importantly – look good! A healthy microbiome not only prevents redness, blotchiness, acne and eczema, but it also leaves you with smoother and clearer skin.

 All the hand-washing, reduced time outdoors and stress of the lockdown will be reaping havoc to your skin. In our opinion, there really is no better time to give your skin a boost of postbiotics and prebiotics and kickstart your microbiome into action.

Replenish now with the Gallinée range.

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