Since probiotics appeared on the market, they quickly became a staple (Probiotics? A micro-organism beneficial for its host of course!)
Hopefully, you don’t need to pretend to be Robinson Crusoé to adopt them. We can find this “rare” product in yogurt, choucroute, miso, pickles and even in drinks such as Kéfir ( Are you lost ? Don’t panic, we will tell you everything).


Born in Caucasus, Kefir has been drunk for centuries, probably 2000 years.

Kefir is a fermented drink made from milk, (good) bacteria (our friends the probiotics) and yeast living in perfect harmony. Yummy isn’t it? Yes truly, we tasted it and it is delicious: slightly sweet, effervescent, natural and really refreshing. The perfect summer drink!


Packed with probiotics, Kefir has number of properties that can improve digestive health and rebalance your intestinal flora. You we be able to eat whatever you want (almost).

Kefir is helping balancing your gut microbiome, reducing bad bacteria: There is some positive results on people with acne and eczema. (CF TOP SANTE article).

Healthy microbiome in a healthy body!


Kefir and GALLINEE are like brother and sister, members of the great probiotic family.

Just like kefir, GALLINEE has plenty probiotics in its products helping to support your microbiome in the most gentle and effective way possible. But GALLINEE brings also prebiotics and postbiotics thanks to its triple biotic complex! ( That’s much more cool)

Here’s our favourite website to find kéfir :

Enjoy !