Discover the science behind Gallinée’s game changing products, harnessing the power of probiotics to soothe, balance and strengthen your skin in the most gentle and effective way possible.

How does it work

Beneficial bacteria play such a huge part in your skin's health and so it makes sense that we would want to nourish and support them. While biotics are well-known for their positive effects on digestive health, their use in skincare has been something of an untapped science secret, until now.

Prebiotics feed your good bacteria, and starve the bad ones. This lowers inflammation and helps to rebuild the skin’s natural barrier.

Probiotics are another name for ‘good bacteria’. By adding extra good bacteria to the skin, we lower inflammation and stimulate cell renewal.

Postbiotics destroy the bad bacteria and give the good bacteria a nice place to live. This helps to increase the skin’s natural defences while also smoothing and gently exfoliating.

Each Gallinée product is carefully curated with unique combinations of pre-, pro- and/or postbiotics which specifically care for the different types of bacteria on different parts of your body.

Safety first formulas

Adding a probiotic to your product doesn’t automatically make it good: the rest of the formula has to be gentle and safe for your body too.

At Gallinée we don’t use any parabens, microbeads or colourants and most of our products don’t have perfume. No phenoxyethanol and no methylisothiazolinone either, we use safer preservatives at the lowest possible level. Our cleansers are soap-free and SLS-free and we have also made the choice to not use any silicone or mineral oils.

Multi tasking, results-driven products

We want you to see results, that is why our products are supercharged with active ingredients at levels where they make a real difference. Our formulas are ultra concentrated and a little goes a long way!

We believe in minimalist formulations with multi-use ingredients: no fillers, no perfume or any artificial colourants, and no texture ingredients (unless they are multi-use and have a proven effect on the microbiome!).

Our favourite ingredients

Gallinée products are made up of at least 89% natural origin ingredients. Among our favourites are the Algae prebiotics in our Face Vinegar, the brightening Daisy Extract in our Hand cream, the Kaolin Clay in our Face Mask, the antioxidant Myrtle in our Hydrating Face Cream…

You will find Lactic Acid in most of our products. Naturally produced by some of our good bacteria, this postbiotic is a gentle AHA that helps your microbiome thrive while fending off the bad bacteria. It’s also known for its moisturising, firming, brightening and anti-ageing properties.

Ph friendly: why it matters

Our skin is naturally acidic with a pH of around 5.5. Most shower gels, cleansers and soaps are by nature very alkaline with a pH level around nine, which can put the pH level of your skin out of whack. If the skin's pH gets unbalanced, it's playtime for bad bacteria, including acne bacteria, and this can worsen skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.
All Gallinée products are formulated as close as possible to the optimal pH of the skin and won’t be stripping for dry or sensitive skin.

Learn more about pH in cosmetics

Sensitive skin saviour

Gallinée has been developed with sensitive skin in mind, this is the skin type that can benefit the most from a balanced skin microbiome. Most of our products have been tested on sensitive skin and even skin prone to eczema with great results: we help soothe and rebuild the skin barrier.
We also see excellent results when it comes to rebalancing the skin bacteria, for instance with eczema or acne prone skin.

Meet the founder of Gallinée, Dr Marie Drago

The Inspiration Behind The Brand

Gallinée was created in 2016 by Dr Marie Drago, a worldwide recognised specialist in skin microbiome and a Doctor in Pharmacy.

In her 20’s, Marie was diagnosed with an inflammatory disease and she turned to a prebiotic and probiotic diet to improve her symptoms. The results were life changing as she realised that this scientific principle could apply to skincare too.

Her findings inspired her to create Gallinée, a holistic range of products that work with your good bacteria to care for your whole body’s microbiome. Today, the brand holds four game changing patents and leads the next generation of microbiome beauty.

q&a with marie drago

Can live bacteria really be added into skincare products?

It can but that’s not the route we chose. As a pharmacist I want safe products with a good shelf-life. We use tyndalised bacteria in our formulas: it means that the bacteria have been gently killed by heat, but retain their structure. Thus, they keep their efficacy and there is no need to keep the products in the refrigerator.

Is Gallinée vegan & cruelty free?

Yes! Our products have never been tested on animals and don’t include any animal-derived ingredients.

Is Gallinée a clean beauty brand?

At Gallinée, we are 100% committed to making safe products that deliver real results without toxic chemicals and ingredients linked to harmful health effects. Our formulas are made up of at least 89%  natural origin ingredients. 

Beyond that, we care for the environment, only using vegan ingredients and prioritising biotech ingredients or ingredients from highly renewable sources (such as algae) wherever possible. 

Our packaging is intentionally minimalist and we’re fully committed to keep improving it to the highest sustainability standards. Learn more about our sustainability commitments.

That said, it’s worth pointing out that ‘clean beauty’ is quite an ambiguous term, open to interpretation – here’s my take on the Clean Beauty movement if you want to find out more.

What are some common mistakes people make that destroy the bacterial balance on skin?

Trying to get too clean is definitely a factor that encourages sensitive skin. In the skincare industry we are seeing a big ‘Less is more’ trend: less products, and also less ingredients in your products. I always recommend going for products that multitask and work well.

What’s so special about us

What’s so special about us

Gallinée Brand Manifesto

Gallinée Brand Manifesto

Sustainability Commitments

Sustainability Commitments