My name is Marie Drago, I’m a Doctor in Pharmacy and the founder of Gallinée.  Let me tell you a bit about me and how I came to create Gallinée in 5 points

  1. BG (Before Gallinée). I trained as a Pharmacist in France and moved to Dublin then to London at the end of my studies. I was so lucky to work for a lot of nice beauty brands, travelling the world to launch them in Singapore, Russia, the US… I always worked in beauty and I don’t see myself doing anything else. I am dragging along the strongest French accent you’ve ever heard…
  2. Obligatory sob story. Actually not really, as this was such an opportunity in the end: 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a gross disease called pyoderma gangrenosum. Just trust me and don’t google image it. It is an inflammation of the skin, caused by an autoimmune reaction. Because it was so weird and so rare, I got really interested in the cause of it: The Microbiome. Today I seem to manage it just with a pro and prebiotic diet, and the only remnant is very reactive skin. Which gave me the BIG IDEA. If you can manage inflammation by eating pre and probiotics, what happens to inflammation of the skin if you apply pre and probiotics? I went back to University, passed my thesis on skin probiotics, patented the thesis and used it to create Gallinée formulations. Take that pyoderma!
  3. Nerd for life. I love science! I love to listen to it, and I spend as much time as possible at science congresses. It allows me to ask all the stupid questions to the clever people, research in the lab and create the innovations that made Gallinée famous. I listen to science podcasts, follow science illustrators, fangirl at science influencers… Microbiome science is especially exciting as it’s so new and progresses so fast. We are able to bring solutions to problems we thought would never be cured! A word to the wise: As soon as I’ve had a glass of wine, I will talk your ears off with pub quiz knowledge about bacteria. You’ve been warned.
  4. French Pharmacie forever. As I got so early in the microbiome world, I am lucky to know the best people and have access to the best ingredients, science, tests and knowledge. As a Pharmacist, I am obsessed with product efficacy and safety. We test our products more than any other brand. That’s why I think Gallinée products are so special: cutting edge science coupled with products proven to work. Giving you soothed, protected and glowing skin in a wink.
  5. I love top fives! You will see there’s loads of them in our microbiome academie. My top 5 of top 5s ? Ok, if you insist: 5 ways to care for your oral microbiome, Relieving Atopic Eczema: 5 Tips,


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And if you want to know a bit more:

Diplomas and certifications:

– Doctorate of Pharmacy, University Paris-Saclay, 2002
– Gut Check, Exploring Your Microbiome, University of Colorado Boulder / UC San Diego (short course)
– Designing Effective Science Communication, University of Colorado Boulder (short course)
– Nutrition and Mental Health, University of Canterbury NZ (short course)

Next speaking appointments:

– European Skin Microbiome Congress 2021
– Innocos 2021
– Microbiome Connect USA 2021
– Skin Microbiome Industry summit 2022