What Is the Microbiome?

The human microbiome is defined as the entirety of the micro-organism population living on and within the human body. It can also be called 'microbiota' or 'microflora'.

Our microbiome is an extension of ourselves; it plays a protective role and is an integral part of the barrier function of our skin.

Why have I never heard about this before?

The concept and the name are still quite new. It really started to get more attention in 2014, when Phase 1 of a research initiative called the Human Microbiome Project was completed.

Using the new technique of genetic sequencing, the aim of this program was to get a map of all the bacteria living on humans.

The results are fascinating: it is literally a whole new world, right under our nose (and ON our nose, and IN our nose…).

Why does it matter?

To put it simply, the microbiome redefines what it means to be human. 50% of the cells in your body are bacterial cells and an even higher percentage of your DNA is bacterial.

The communication and interaction between the ‘you’ you and the ‘bacterial’ you is extremely intense. It turns out that your microbiome helps you absorb food, trains your immune system, regulates your mood… and as the research keeps progressing, we are still discovering new roles that the microbiome plays in human health.

Think about it as a new multi-function organ, or even an extension of yourself.

So, wait - does that mean I have bacteria on my body?

Yes, you sure do. Bacteria are everywhere, and it's a good thing!

We generally distinguish the following microbiomes: the gut microbiome, the skin microbiome (our favourite - it keeps your skin protected against aggressors, keeps your immune system in check and reduces inflammation), the vaginal microbiome, as well as the mouth, nose and respiratory system microbiomes. All still quite uncharted territories.

This new research opens up a whole world of possibilities and the future of microbiome research looks bright. How exciting for Gallinée to be a part of this!

What does it have to do with skincare?

Microbiome skincare is designed to restore the skin’s balance and keep it healthy.

You are 50% bacteria* and at Gallinée, we see your skin microbiome as the life on Planet You. Our formulas are developed and tested to keep your very complex ecosystem healthy, resilient and altogether happy.

We use a patented complex of pre, pro and postbiotics and our entire product range has been dermatologically tested and extensively tested on skin microbiome lab models. We believe in minimalist formulas with only necessary ingredients, and we use the most innovative and scientifically proven active ingredients, in high concentration for maximum efficiency.

*not an insult.

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