Our Commitments to Sustainability


  • Less is more: our packaging is intentionally minimalist, with only the essential materials used. Most of our products don’t have secondary packaging, and if they do it’s fully recyclable.
  • Recycling: more than 80% of our packaging is already either fully or partially recyclable, and we are working on achieving 100% by 2024. 30 % is made from non-virgin recycled material, zero waste or vegetable plastic.
  • Constant improvements: behind the scenes, we are constantly working to improve our existing packaging. That means looking at all our products and seeing what could be done better, thanks to new material or new technologies. Some recent examples? You might not have noticed, but our best-selling Foaming Facial Cleanser is now made from recycled plastic, on top of being recyclable. Same for our favourite Face Vinegar, which has transitioned from being recyclable but made of virgin plastic to being recyclable AND recycled. Next project? Even less packaging for our plastic-free Cleansing Bars.
  • The new has to be better: whenever we introduce a new product on the market, we challenge ourselves on its sustainability.  Some recent examples? Our Prebiotic Toothpaste tube is made of 100% vegetable plastic, our Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar is zero waste and plastic-free. The cute stickers you might receive in your order? They are green & biodegradable.
  • Love your imperfections: sometimes, we receive packaging with micro-imperfections. Small smudges on the design, a slightly misplaced label… Tiny defaults that our consumer will probably never see but our quality control does (as well as our brand manager!). We choose to keep all packaging bearing micro-imperfections. As a brand committed to having as small an impact on the planet as possible, throwing away perfectly good packaging for the sake of perfection just doesn’t make sense. Let’s learn to love our imperfections!
  • Transparency: we are fully committed to becoming more and more sustainable. It’s a journey, and as a brand, we are aware of our imperfections and what still needs to be improved. A key commitment is to be fully transparent with our consumers and community on this journey of self-improvement.

If you want to share any feedback regarding packaging and sustainability, please feel free to reach to us at [email protected] to open a conversation.

  • A learning process: the beauty industry is slowly but surely moving towards more sustainability, and that means constant innovation. We make sure to stay as informed as possible on new material and technologies available to us to make the most enlightened choice possible. That means enrolling in courses (our marketing department just completed a full training seminar at re-sources.co), being in constant, direct conversation with packaging suppliers and field experts. What we have learned so far: there is no 100% perfect solution at the moment in terms of sustainable packaging, but the worst solution would definitely be making no choice at all.


  • A little goes a long way: our formulas are all highly concentrated (with no filler ingredients). Active ingredients and multi-use ingredients are the only way to go for Gallinée! It means you will have to use less formula for high efficiency, your product will last longer, and you won’t need to repurchase it as often. Yes, we know that sounds crazy coming from a brand! But we are very proud of this.
  • More actives, less water: as it makes little sense to ship water around the world, we tend to concentrate our products, or even create products with no water at all: The Cleansing Bar.
  • Formulated by a Doctor in Pharmacy, our formulas are designed to be highly efficient, with only the very, very best of ingredients. You also won’t find any undesirable ingredients such as soap, colourants, parabens, silicones, microbeads, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone. On that subject, read our take on Clean Beauty here (spoiler: it’s all about science for Gallinée).
  • Our formula goes from 80% to 100% natural origin ingredients. We are also very aware that natural ingredients are not always the sustainable solution. When it’s best for your skin and the planet, we choose biotech ingredients or ingredients from highly renewable sources (algae).
  • Minimalist formulations: no useless ingredients. We don’t use texture ingredients (unless they are multi-use and have a proven effect on the microbiome!) or any artificial colouring ingredients. We like to supercharge our formula on active ingredients only. We formulate with no perfume on all our skincare that stay on the skin.
  • We strictly follow the European Union cosmetic regulations, the strictest & safest in the world.
  • We don’t test on animals and never will.
  • We innovate constantly. As pioneers of microbiome skincare since 2016, we are proud to have paved a new approach to care for your skin, and continue bringing award-winning, consumer favourite products with every launch. One of our latest innovations? Our super fresh pre & probiotic Oral Care range!


  • We are 100% Made in France, in lovely Brittany and in the South-West of France. We have been since day 1 and we intend to keep it that way!
  • Our factories are all high quality GMP and GMP pharma: this means our products are manufactured to the same standards as they would be with drugs and medication.
  • No waste: we produce in small batches to avoid any waste. We never throw away products: if a product is approaching expiration, we take action well in advance and give them away to charities close to our hearts or to hospitals. That way they can enjoy perfectly safe & effective products and none is wasted. A few recent donations?  The amazing  https://www.beautybanks.org.uk/ and  https://www.wigsforheroes.org/.

If you would like to nominate a charity or hospital, please do not hesitate to reach to us at [email protected].

  • Short-range: all of our products have been carefully thought about before being put on the market and we favour quality over quantity in our launches. Our products are all multi-use, gender-neutral and formulated for all skins.
  • Rather than launching new products for new uses, we prefer investing in new clinical studies on our existing products. Yes, that’s how much we believe in our formulas. Who doesn’t like a best-selling, clinically proven multitasker? Not us! We believe that less products, more uses is the future of skincare. The latest one? Our Soothing Hair Cleansing Cream is now clinically proven to be anti-dandruff, on addition to its existing proven benefits!


  • Sustainability is also paving the way for the future generation. That is why we have decided to support Stemettes, an award-winning charity dedicated to helping young girls discover & access STEM careers. Education and female empowerment are core values at Gallinée, and we are happy to contribute through regular donations and events participations. Support Stemettes here :  https://stemettes.org/