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Gallinée Your Body Is A Planet Hero

Your body is a planet

You are made up of human cells and of billions of bacteria living together in perfect harmony.
If you look after them, they will look after you.

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Your ingredients change my skin and my vision about skincare. I'm a Gallinée addict. Amina P, USA
HOLY SHIT. IT'S AMAZING. My skin feels brighter, smoother and less inflammed. Obstinatcs, Australia
The cleansing bar is cult… so of course it’s French. It is chic, functional, and unfussy — the beauty version of liberté, égalité, fraternité. The cut, UK

Care for your microbiome

A balanced microbiome is a key to good skin. And what your microbiome needs the most is healthy bacteria. Prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid are great for promoting healthy bacterial growth on the skin. Our active probiotics come from natural ingredients that are perfect for nourishing your skin's microbiome.

the Microbiome Académie

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