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Hydrating Face Cream




Your best ally for a healthy glow

Hydrates, tones, and leaves skin looking luminous. Helps support your skin’s good bacteria, evening out the complexion, while nourishing and protecting your skin.

98% natural origin ingredients.
No added fragrance.


Gallinée light and creamy Hydrating Face Cream nourishes the skin with a high-performance hydrating formula that soothes, protects and brightens.

A patented Triple Biotic Complex of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics helps to support your skin’s microbiome in the most gentle and effective way possible, combined with the antioxidant actions of organic myrtle extract.

Fun Fact: You may detect a faint smell of gingerbread due to the high concentration of natural active ingredients, especially in prebiotics.


Marie’s word, founder of Gallinée:

“It looks small and unassuming, but this is the best moisturiser for sensitive skin. And oily skin (because it’s so light). And dry skin (look at these hydration results!). And skin prone to eczema. A very concentrated little wonder.
I love that it smells like no other cream, reminds me a bit of the gingerbread my mum was giving me after school.”

Key Ingredients

PROBIOTICS: Deactivated bacteria from the Lactobacillus family (a major part of the lactic acid bacteria group), these probiotics are extremely gentle on the skin and help to support the microbiome and the skin’s protective barrier.

PREBIOTICS: A mix of ultra-gentle fibres and sugars that feed your skin’s good bacteria and help support the skin’s barrier, with an antibacterial action against bad bacteria.

LACTIC ACID: The gentlest of AHAs, lactic acid helps the skin to stay at its optimal pH level and has hydrating and softening properties. Gallinée uses a slow-release form to suit even sensitive skin.

YACON EXTRACT: A root hailing from the same family as Jerusalem artichokes, yacon contains one of the largest amounts of prebiotics found in natural plants. In Central America, it is often used as natural sugar. Gallinée’s yacon is cold-pressed to retain its qualities.

ORGANIC MYRTLE EXTRACT: Sourced from the French Mediterranean region, myrtle is a plant containing a large amount of phenolic compounds; well-known for their antioxidant actions, to protect skin from oxidative stress.

PHYSIOLOGICAL pH: All Gallinée products are made to match the optimal pH of the skin and the microbiome.

WITHOUT: Doesn’t contain colourants, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, microbeads, phenoxyethanol or methylisothiazolinone.


Apply over your face and neck morning and evening, after cleansing. It creates an ideal make-up base. As the Gallinée Hydrating Face Cream is highly concentrated in active ingredients, a little goes a long way. For the best care, follow with sun protection.

RESULTS: Skin is soft, tonified and soothed, with hydration levels of the skin’s upper layers increased by 55% after 4 hours.
  • The product melts into the skin: 91% agreed
  • The product doesn’t leave residues: 100% agreed
  • The product is non-greasy: 82% agreed
  • The product is absorbed quickly: 82% agreed
  • The product is an excellent make-up base: 86%
  • Skin is protected: 86% agreed
  • Skin is soft: 84% agreed
  • Skin is supple: 82% agreed
    Source: * Clinical study carried out on 2 groups of 20 subjects for 21 days under dermatological control.

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Customer reviews

Based on 28 reviews

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  1. manon chevallier

    Fais aussi partie de ma routine beauté et franchement je peux constater que tout mon corps se porte mieux avec Gallinée (merci!!!)
    Très bonne crème pour le visage.

  2. Nathalie M

    Crème fondante qui pénètre instantanément, pas d’effet gras mais un joli effet glowy. Très efficace sur des plaques de sécheresse qui apparaissent parfois sur le pourtour de mon nez. Odeur très agréable de Gallinée. Une petite quantité suffit pour le visage, le cou et le décolleté.

  3. Gloria

    I had high expectations on this moisturizer because I previously purchased the cleanser and loved it. Unfortunately I totally dislike the cream.
    First of all it has a very strong and persistent scent of licorice, so strong that I couldn’t use it as a day cream. Also I found that the moisturizer doesn’t sink easily in the skin, and I feel it on my skin for too much time after applying it.
    For these reasons I am using it only as night cream, while I look for a replacement. I think I may will give it another chance in winter, when my skin is more demanding.
    I do not want to say that this product is poorly made (because absolutely it isn’t: the ingredients’ list is excellent in one word), the cream sure is hydrating and gentle and everything, but I think it’s not suitable for me, as I did not find any change in my skin in terms of softness, luminosity, or tone.
    Sad 🙁

  4. nvxbel (verified owner)

    Lovely finish to any morning/evening skin cleansing routine. You don’t need much, it spreads nicely and absorb easily leaving the skin silky and plumped. No longer using any day or night cream.. this is definitely my new favourite!

  5. g.wojnicka (verified owner)

    Very good, fast absorbing cream also perfect as a make up base. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good face cream

  6. Anne Manuel (verified owner)

    Fab product even though the smell might surprise you. I did have acne and eczema on my face, which was instantly reduced the next few days after using this cream and then came back … but the cream itself didn’t make it worst at least.

  7. Lee ryan (verified owner)

    As a 53 yr old male who has used face products since my early 20s i have used & tried hundreds of manufactures moisturisers & serums etc. Before buying this i did contact gallinee to see if they did a mens range as personally i do not like to use a product on my skin that has been perfected for woman as their skin is so much different from us men. But i was told this is fine for unisex , this product ( i also got the serum) I find too greasy even using a small amount. I also do not like the smell, and even tho i do usually purchase high end products i personally feel this is overpriced for the amount. It does nothing for my skin which is a normal -combo skin.

  8. Zach Pfeifer (verified owner)

    The scent is natural, and not over powering. All you need is a little, and it goes a very long way. Very hydrating, and suitable for mens skin.

  9. Ilyass

    I found it very hydrating and gentle on the skin. I’m really liking it!

  10. rose2106 (verified owner)

    Lovely lightweight cream that leaves my skin feeling so soft. It’s great for sensitive skin – one of the only moisturizers that doesn’t cause me to have a huge reaction. The only downside is no SPF.

  11. pauline.maugueret (verified owner)

    My favourite Gallinée product! The cream is lighweight and leave your skin moisturised but not greasy. A tiny amount goes a long way!

  12. Amy

    This is my new favorite face cream. Many face creams leave me feeling greasy but this one is perfect. It is hydrating and lightweight.

  13. charley.a.miles

    Such a versatile, gentle face cream! Super hydrating but very lightweight on your skin.

  14. Alan


  15. Sarah (verified owner)

    Best face cream I have ever used, I have a very sensitive skin and felt no pain, burn, rash or irritation since I have started using it. It has also helped with my exzema and the skin is super soft now. Sooooooooo good – thanks Gallinee, you nailed it.

  16. Roby (verified owner)

    I have a combination skin and this hydrating cream works great. My skin is left hydrated and very soft. Since I have been using it, it has balanced my complexion. I feel my skin less oily in the forehead, chin and nose areas.

  17. Snezhana (verified owner)

    Yes, yes,y es! Finally something that my skin accept and loves.

  18. sofia8753

    It’s a very nice cream that hydrates and nourish without irritating the skin. It has helped me through the cold and windy Edinburgh winter keeping my skin healthy. In my opinion, it may feel a little sticky but nothing that can’t be solved with some setting powder.

  19. nahid.khelfa

    February 2019
    One of the best face moisturizer I’ve used so far. The texture is light enough not to be sticky however you can see after a few days only that you’re skin is healthier.
    I can already see my skin is well hydrated, with less imperfections. The hydratation last all days even with make up on !! So happy I’ve discovered this moisturizer and from now on, it will be my everyday essential!!

  20. victoriaputterman (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I found such a great moisturizer without fatty alcohols, which always break my skin out! This is one of almost 0 moisturizers which doesn’t give me any reaction. It’s surprisingly the most hydrating product I’ve ever used, I wake up with plump skin like never before, and it lasts all day, even in the cold dry winter. I will never be without it!

  21. mirela.lacerda (verified owner)

    I love this product. It was the first one that I tried from Gallinée and I’m still in love! Its fluid texture doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy and at the same time it really does what it promises: hydrate and balances the skin. It’s a super hero product!

  22. Novlyn

    The gallinee team offered me free samples of the Hydrating Face Cream.I have just used it for about a week and I can see the difference.Besides that my friends compliment me on my skin.I tend to use it at night before bed and my skin is so soft and supple and nourished.I love it. Definitely a part of my next order!!!.Thanks Gallinee 😉 MUAAH!!!!

  23. Aggu

    My face and me feeling happy with this cream. And cream smells nice. Thanks.

  24. beckystephenson87 (verified owner)

    The perfect moisturiser. Light enough to use with makeup, but strong enough to get rid of dry and flaky skin.

  25. andriaj.cooke

    This cream has a very comforting and enjoyable scent which yet is not overpowering. A tiny amount goes a long way. It makes my skin seem shiny at first (the reason I have not given 5 stars) but this seems to subside and the shininess does not seem to increase during the day is usual.
    Makes my skin look and feel smoother and firmer.

  26. Aleha

    Got this cream for family member and so far it’s working really well. Leaving the skin much calmer and not as red or sore as they have been feeling. Only been useing for a short time. Hence the 5 stars

  27. Barbara

    It has done amazing results on redness and to have a soft skill – it’s a great product!!

  28. Kyria

    I have been amazed by this cream. I have had dermatitis seborreica on my sclap for about 6 months and a bit out of the blue I tried to put the cream on my scalp, leave it for the night and wash my hair in the morning. It really made a huge difference! I really can see and feel that my scalp is healthier. I am so happy. For me, it is the only thing that really worked. Thank you Gallinée

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