Hand Cream



Hand Cream



For hands that are supple and oh-so-soft

Soothes, hydrates, and repairs. Helps support your good bacteria, regenerating dry and damaged skin. Hands are left feeling soft, supple, and are protected from external aggressors.

94% natural origin ingredients.
Life hack: Our Hand Cream also doubles as a foot cream. Bonus!


Gallinée Hand Cream boasts a lightweight and fast-absorbing formula to soften and intensely nourish dry hands.

The ultra-active formula contains hydrating shea butter and brightening daisy extract, combined with a patented Triple Biotic Complex of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to help support your skin’s microbiome in the most gentle and effective way possible.

Key Ingredients

PROBIOTICS: Deactivated bacteria from the Lactobacillus family (a major part of the lactic acid bacteria group), these probiotics are extremely gentle on the skin and help to support the microbiome and the skin’s protective barrier.

PREBIOTICS: A mix of ultra-gentle fibres and sugars that feed your skin’s good bacteria and help support the skin’s barrier, with an antibacterial action against bad bacteria.

LACTIC ACID: The gentlest of AHAs, lactic acid helps the skin to stay at its optimal pH level and has hydrating and softening properties. Gallinée uses a slow-release form to suit even sensitive skin.

PHYSIOLOGICAL PH: All Gallinée products are made to match the optimal pH of the skin and the microbiome.

DAISY EXTRACT: A powerful active used for its brightening properties, daisy extract also helps prevent the onset of dark spots.

SHEA BUTTER: A hydrating and protective natural ingredient that can also help with micro-circulation.

WITHOUT: Doesn’t contain colourants, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, microbeads, phenoxyethanol or methylisothiazolinone.



Allows the homogeneity of active ingredients or ingredients that reveal the products’ action.


It is an emollient oil that provides suppleness and softness to the skin.


Emollient that allows the skin to maintain its hydration and increases the effectiveness of other preservatives in the formulation. Also an emulsifier, it provides an homogeneous oil/water mix.


Active ingredient that feeds good bacteria and reduces the growth of bad ones. It is a natural ingredient, which can be found especially in chicory roots. It reinforces the protection of the skin from possible attacks that may come from the environment.


Moisturising active that helps increase suppleness of the skin, and gives texture to the product.


Once good bacteria in our body are developed, lactic acid helps keeping them in a good environment. It is a smoothing and moisturizing agent that allows skin renewal and which respects the natural pH of the face skin by keeping it at 5. It also acts against the skin ageing.


Ingredient that controls the viscosity of the product.


Emollient that allows the skin to maintain its hydration and increases the effectiveness of other preservatives in the formulation. Also an emulsifier, it provides the homogeneous oil/water mix. It’s a natural oily substance.


Emulsifier that provides homogenous oil/water mix. It is also used as a surfactant, as it provides the maintenance of the emulsion (homogeneous and uniform mixture in the long term).


Shea butter is a moisturising and protective lipid that also helps with blood microcirculation.


This ingredient creates a veil on the skin which protects it from any external aggression.


Active ingredient that has a softening virtue and that feed selectively good bacteria. It especially comes from chicory roots.


In Gallinée products, we use a blend of natural and synthetic perfume to reduce the risk of skin reactions.


This substance is found in Yacon’s roots and is also called Polymnia sonchifolia. It is a prebiotoic active that allows good bacteria growth. To obtain this precious juice without denaturing it, it is extracted by cold pressure.


Anti-oxidant, it protects the skin from environmental aggressions, and prevents aging skin. Natural derivative of vitamin E.


Powerful ingredient with lightening properties which helps prevent sun spots.


This component is actually two bacteria called L. casei and L. acidophilus. Heat deactivates them, which allows a good lifetime of the creams, and allows avoiding keeping them in the fridge. They are lactic bacteria with probiotic action. These good bacteria also make it possible to naturally fight against the bad bacteria.


Component surrounded by lactic acid molecules for an extended release of it.


Vegetable base from corn and beetroot, which allows an optimum conservation of our good bacteria, called Lactobacillus.


Melissa leaf extract, which is a moisturising agent.


Component that absorbs UV rays: it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


Component that absorbs UV rays: it protects the skin from harmful sun effects.


Allows homogeneous mixing and maintenance of the emulsion, it is also called a binder.


This substance acts as a preservative and protects the product during its lifetime.


The alcohol here is present in small quantities. In fact, it is only used to extract some ingredients of vegetable origin.


Component that helps to maintain the pH of the formula. It is called buffer substance.


A substance that allows our mixture to have a pH even closer to the natural pH of the skin.


This substance acts as a preservative and protects the product during its lifetime.


This substance acts as a preservative and protects the product during its lifetime.


Natural substance derived from citrus, one of the components of our perfume.

Massage into the hands as often as needed, especially after washing your hands.

RESULTS: Hands feel soft and repaired. Skin looks younger and more radiant, with hydration levels of the skin’s upper layers increased by 27% after 4 hours.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Hand Cream

  1. amoureux de ma camellia

    Initially I didn’t really think this hand cream was going to impress me much as soon as I saw that the texture is quite light but I was so wrong!

    I suffer from really dry skin and tend to cause further dry out due to washing and sanitize my hands at a manic rate. Usually I tend to opt for rich creams, and balms applied over an HA serum which restores my hands to feel comfortable. Enter Gallinee… This hand cream has been such a surprise for me as I wouldn’t have thought it would manage to soothe and moisturize in the amazing way it has performed. Prior to first application my hands were peeling and within a day the skin was restored to normal, no dryness just smooth and soft skin.

    What I also love is that unlike many hand creams this doesn’t pill up/flake off when you massage it in . It absorbs quickly without any clammy sensations making it perfect to use as a daytime hand cream.

    For a more intensive treatment action I like to apply this hand cream thickly once a week and use it as a hand mask and wear cotton gloves for a few hours or overnight for deeper action. I also started to use this product as a foot cream and works just as amazing in keeping my feet soft.

  2. Roby

    This cream is quickly absorbed without leaving greasy residues and leaves the skin with a velvety finish. It smells lovely.

  3. sofia8753 (verified owner)

    Another Gallinée product that I loved! I received this hand cream as part of a Black Friday offer so I’ve been using it for a couple of months. it surprised me how such a lightweight cream could be so effective! It absorbs very quickly leaving a nice aroma. I also used it on my feet a couple of times with great results! I will be buying the Body Set soon the try the whole range of products.

  4. Novlyn

    I generally struggle with a lot of dryness on my hands and they look ugly.This cream is great.I use it day and night ,very little is enough with a good massage on my hands.My hands now are beautiful ,stay moisturized and healthy looking.And believe me I used it on my foot!!! .I use it at night and protect it with a pair of sock keeping my feet warm.My feet are kissable. Hahahaha!!! Muaah Gallinee!!!

  5. Faye Marisa

    This miracle hand cream helped with my eczema! It’s very hydrated and smells amazing I could not stop sniffing my hands. Only problem is that I used a lot of these and it ran out too quickly.

  6. andriaj.cooke

    Usually just use body lotion but from now on will be using a hand cream!

  7. vvwilson68 (verified owner)

    Hello. Of course, I’m not a chemist-technologist and I do not know how the triobiotics / or the complete composition / of this cream behave on a microscopic level. But for two weeks of usage I have noted that I do not feel any promised hydrating and softening properties, but even opposite, the skin has become rougher, especially on the bones of fingers and toes (dry and hard). I’m puzzled.
    I would like to note that the scent of the cream is nice and the cream is quickly absorbed.

  8. Paulina Bojarska

    Great product, leaves my skin very soft. Love the smell and texture, is not greasy or sticky like many hand creams I’ve tried.

  9. Clare Shaddick

    One hand cream I will be replacing when it runs out as it absorbs into my skin fast leaving no greasy residue so I’m happy to use it any-time / any-where unlike other hand creams that then mean my hands leave greasy paw prints on my phone etc …..

  10. Jill

    I love this product, I keep it in my desk drawer at work as it absorbs in quickly and leaves no greasy residue like other hand creams, plus it smells amazing 🙂 although it probably does look a little odd when I am smelling my own hands looking happy, but sure whatever gets you through the day, plus at this price its a win win, you have a high end product without paying the high end price tag!

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