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Youth is something to cultivate

Our serum is highly concentrated in innovative probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic actives. It soothes, renews, softens and visibly improves skin radiance and the signs of ageing. +62% hydration after 8 hours.

92% natural origin ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin. Perfume-free.


Gallinée Youthful Serum leaves your skin feeling nourished and radiant, with a youthful glow.

Youth is something to cultivate: highly concentrated in actives, the latest Gallinée serum helps stimulate cell renewal, thanks to a cocktail of innovative bacteria. The Fern prebiotics helps to provide an immediate lifting effect and the lactic acid improves the radiance.
The complexion is brighter and skin texture is improved.
While reducing the appearance of signs of ageing, it also helps to support your good bacteria for skin that’s nourished, hydrated, and infinitely soft.

No products of animal origin. Not tested on animals.

Marie’s word, founder of Gallinée:
“Things I love about this serum: It’s oil-free, extremely light and very very efficient. I designed it as a global anti-ageing serum, so that it’s not only anti-oxidant but also smoothing and brightening. As a lazy (let’s say “time-poor”) girl, I mix it directly with the Hydrating Face Cream as a booster.”

Key Ingredients

PROBIOTICS: A powerful cocktail of bacteria from the Lactobacillus and Lactococcus families, these probiotics are extremely gentle on the skin and help to support the microbiome and stimulate cells renewal.

PREBIOTICS: A mix of ultra-gentle fibres and sugars that feed your skin’s good bacteria and help support the skin’s barrier, with an antibacterial action against bad bacteria.

FERN EXTRACT: Gallinée is using a specific polysaccharide extracted from fern for its prebiotic effect and its unique properties to help reveal skin that is firmer and appears lifted.

LACTIC ACID: The gentlest of AHAs, lactic acid helps the skin to stay at its optimal pH level and has hydrating and softening properties. Gallinée uses a slow-release form to suit even sensitive skin.

PHYSIOLOGICAL PH: All Gallinée products are made to match the optimal pH of the skin and the microbiome.

WITHOUT: Doesn’t contain colourants, perfume, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, microbeads, phenoxyethanol or methylisothiazolinone.


The Youthful Serum can be used:

o   Alone, as an initial step on a cleansed face. It is water-based texture and is very easily absorbed by the skin.

o   Mixed with the Gallinée Hydrating Face Cream for a booster effect. Apply morning or evening to a cleansed face.

RESULTS: The skin is healthy and well hydrated, the complexion is fresh and luminous, with regained elasticity.


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Gallinee Youthful Serum
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Customer reviews

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  1. manon chevallier

    Un peu chère mais il en vaut la peine.
    J’ai la peau tellement douce après le sérum !

  2. Nathalie M (verified owner)

    Sérum très agréable à appliquer, peu de produit suffit pour faire le visage, le cou et le décolleté. Je l’applique, comme tout sérum, sur peau humide pour une meilleure pénétration. Seul bémol : je n’arrive à bien remplir la pipette. Bonne pénétration du sérum sur lequel j’applique ensuite la crème visage Gallinée. Ma peau le “boit” littéralement, un must-have ! J’ajoute que le prix “refroidit” un peu et qu’une plus petite quantité vendue 30€ serait appréciable 😉

  3. archie310 (verified owner)

    I use an exfoliating cleanser for my skin, and was advised to get a nourishing treatment to use with it. I bought this and add 3 drops to my moisturiser – it smells great, feels nourishing & I like knowing I am adding good bacteria to my face after using a somewhat harsh cleanser.

  4. (verified owner)

    Gallinée continues to surprise me. This time with the Youthful Serum. Fluid and at the same time very powerful product. The skin absorbs it quickly and day by day the intensive hydration and brightness of the complexion is revealed. Fantastic!

  5. Heidi Campbell (verified owner)

    I didn’t personally believe in serums before this one! It’s the only one I’ve tried that’s actually improved the plumpness of my skin. A little goes a long way — just a few drops for my entire face. I can’t help my touch my face in the morning because it’s seriously THAT good.

  6. Tara Smith (verified owner)

    I have been using this serum for a few weeks now and have found it incredibly nourishing. I am currently trialling out new products on my skin as I get older and Gallinee was recommended. So far, so good. Next up on my list is the eye cream.

  7. Jayne Crouch

    Amazing product. Incredible when mixed with the face cream. Love the natural fragrance too

  8. laurawilk

    I’ve been using this serum for 6 months and it’s honestly the best serum I’ve ever used – it’s so light and the ingredients work perfectly for my skin (which is oily and spot prone) and I’ve seen such a difference since I started using it! I have tried lots of other serums but nothing quite compares to this one.

  9. Rosario Cox

    My beautiful son bought me this serum for my face.
    To be honest, I did not think I would write a review as I am 68 years old and never thought a product would make me feel better and younger at this stage. My skin is smoother and it has reduced my wrinkles believe it or not. Now I can not stop using it so I asked him to bring me more products of this brand. Thanks Gallinée and thanks to my son 🙂

  10. Lee ryan (verified owner)

    As a male of 53 i found this product pretty good & leaves my skin feeling slightly softer. It hydrates reasonably ok & feels good on the skin. Sinks in quickly as long as you dont use too much. 1-2 squeezes of the supplied pipette is ample. The glass bottle also helps make this feel a premium product. I purchased this along with the face moisturiser which i did not like ( see separate review.

  11. ace pena

    been using this for almost 6 months now and this I have used Aurelia probiotic concentrate before and I want something different so tried it and im happy it is thick but absorb is not oily and it does make my skin hydrated and clearer. will continue using it.

  12. Vicky Sparks (verified owner)

    Absolutely love how this product makes my face feel. I really like the consistency of how it feels on my skin, but I am not a huge fan of how it smells.

  13. Margo

    I have a mild form of dermographism and I noticed the serum really helped to reduce the redness. I use it in the evening after the Cleansing Bar (occasionally in the morning as well) . This combination leaves my skin nourished and so soft! The effect is still visible the next morning! Definitely recommend!

  14. sofia8753

    I have received this serum as a birthday gift (yaaay!) and I am in love with it! Having an oily but dehydrated skin it really helps to balance it and my face does feel plump after a couple of uses. I only need to apply a little amount before my cream so it lasts ages! I will definitely buy it again once it runs out!

  15. Camila

    It’s ok to use during pregnancy?

    • Tallulah Khelfa

      Hello Camila!
      Thank you for contacting us.
      The products haven’t been tested specifically on pregnant women, but they have been developed on sensitive skins and have nothing that can provoke reactions (like essential oils etc…). On the other hand, because there is lactic acid in the products, we recommend putting sunscreen before sun exposure.
      Have a lovely day.

  16. Snezhana

    Amazing! Would recommend it to everyone with seborrhea dermatitis. I am applying it the morning mixed with La Culture face cream and the redness around my nose has disappeared. Plus, is a wonderful base for foundation as it gives the face great glow and very natural look.

  17. Roby (verified owner)

    This serum is working greatly for the seborrheic dermatitis on my face. Since I have been applying it morning and evening, the red and scaly skin patches forming around my nose and eyebrows have disappeared. Fabulous!!!

  18. Lili

    The best serum I’ve tried so far! The product is very concentrated so no need to put that much on.
    I use it before daily cream and before going to bed. My skin is so soft after an hour, baby style!
    Definitely recommending

  19. andriaj.cooke (verified owner)

    Have not used a serum before but am loving this product. I like to use it mixed with the face cream at night.

  20. Françoise Bohan

    J’ai essayé le nouveau produit de la gamme dont je suis fan,le sérum. Sa texture est immédiatement absorbée et peu de gouttes suffisent. J’ai une peau mature un peu abimée par le soleil… et bien l’utilisation (matin et soir) du sérum a un effet livrant immédiat et laisse la peau douce. Le soir je n’ajoute aucune crème! Juste la mousse démaquillante( ma préférée) et 3 gouttes de sérum bien chauffées au creux des mains avant application. Merci gallinée !

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