5 reasons why I love lactic acid and I put it in all our products:

– It’s a natural ingredient. It can be made by bacteria (the famous
lactobacillus for example), or even by your own body: the build-up of
lactic acid in your muscles are provoking the painful cramps when you workout.

– The good bacteria love it, the bad find it toxic. It’s a very easy way to
boost the health of your skin microbiome.

– It is a great way to bring the pH of our products to the right acidity :
the one of the skin! Better for you, better for your bacteria.

– It’s the most gentle of all AHAs. In skincare products it presents the
best ratio of efficiency and safety. We use a slow-release form for extra

– It’s a great cosmetic ingredient. Not only good for your microbiota, but
also for your skin: soothing, smoothing and in higher concentrations it is
exfoliating and promote skin renewal. Win-win-win !

Marie, Gallinée’s founder