You are a planet.
You are made up of human cells and billions of bacteria living together in perfect harmony.
If you look after them, they will look after you.

At Gallinée, we are the world’s first skincare and haircare brand dedicated to the health and wellbeing of Planet You. Your skin is made up of 1000s of good bacteria which form a protective layer called the microbiome. If your microbiome becomes unbalanced or stripped away, then your skin becomes inflamed and sensitive. Does this ring a bell? Well, we have the solution for you.

At Gallinée we believe in working with your microbiome to help it look after you. Our products contain a patented complex of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to nourish and support the good bacteria that make your own personal ecosystem. Helping them to look after even the most sensitive skin.

At Gallinée we’re a young company but we dream big. We’re a team of passionate nerds and we believe we can change the world of beauty forever. Come and join the bacterial revolution.

Gallinée. You are 50% bacteria*. Care for them.
*not an insult.