Microbiome and probiotics are trending in the beauty industry and are all over the news at the moment. We couldn’t be happier about it. It was about time!

But why is Gallinée different?

  • Our founder is a microbiome specialist
    Dr Marie Drago is a Dr in Pharmacy, wrote her thesis on the skin microbiome and gets invited to lecture at science congresses around the world. She is passionate about the subject and has the perfect network to bring the best of science and innovation into the products better and faster than any other brand. Science continuously progresses, and so do we.
  • We formulate for the skin microbiome
    Something we say a lot at Gallinée: it’s not all about the active ingredients! The first step to a healthy microbiome is to avoid stripping it. We only use gentle surfactants, we make sure all our products have the right pH level for the skin, and we don’t add anything that doesn’t make sense for the skin. Most of our products are fragrance free, we use low level of preservatives and don’t add colourants. Only the useful stuff. And then, we add the actives:
  • We use the best, most innovative and scientifically proven active ingredients
    Our probiotic extracts are tyndallised bacteria, our prebiotics are proven to support good bacteria vs. the bad ones, and we use postbiotics such as lactic acid in a high concentration and in its most gentle form. Thanks to our expertise in the skin microbiome, we have early access to extremely innovative ones, such as the algae prebiotics in the Face Vinegar or the probiotic in our Eye Cream. We work directly with the probiotic manufacturer for our supplements.
  • We use objectivised concentrations
    When you include an ingredient in a beauty product, it can be for two reasons: because you want it to have an effect on skin, or because it sounds really cool and trendy. We use pre, pro and postbiotic ingredients in a high concentration to ensure maximum efficacy. They are the core of the formula and a trendy add-on. It means that our level of active ingredients in the finished formula is extremely high. And we know it works because:
  • We are backed by a lot of science
    We manufacture under the strict standards of the European legislation and our products are put through rigorous testing. All our user tests are performed under control of a dermatologist/gynaecologist/dentist. Most of our products have been tested and approved for sensitive skin and even skin prone to eczema. We also test the effect of our products on the microbiome using the latest cutting-edge microbiome testing models. It’s expensive and very few brands do it, but it’s the right thing to do.
  • Our products are very (very) efficient
    The results of our user trials are excellent, our award shelf is bursting. We specialise in sensitive skin/scalp but have great results on all types of skin. Our products work in the most gentle manner, but also the most efficient one, redefining the skincare approach by focusing on the microbiome. And most importantly, we get thousands of delighted reviews from consumers whose lives have been changed by our products.
  • And we’ll keep improving our work
    Gallinée is a brand with a lot of firsts: first brand to focus on the microbiome, first brand to associate pre, pro and postbiotics, first microbiome scalp care range, first microbiome oral care range. And thanks to our passion for science and innovation, we keep on launching products to give you back the skin/scalp/teeth/body you’re supposed to have!