“One thing that always surprises people when they try Gallinée is how light the textures are.” Marie Drago, Gallinée’s founder

A body milk, a hand cream that’s not greasy at all, a fluid face cream… And an oil-free serum. The feedback is often “I love the texture but I think I need something more rich for my skin type”. Well, allow me to explain why Gallinée has amazing hydration results with very little oil.

It’s all down to the barrier. The skin has a layer on top of your cells called the acid mantle. This physical protection is made of loads of components with fancy names (nmf forever!). They help form a film on the skin and prevent water from escaping. And that’s why the most efficient way of hydrating your skin is not by putting water on it, it’s to prevent your own water from escaping. That’s how scientists actually measure hydration and dehydration on the skin. The scientific name is trans-epidermal water loss. Or tewl if you want to sound cool.

So how you reduce tewl? We one way if to put oil or other film-forming molecules on the skin that will literally trap the water in the skin. Paraffin oil, for example, is really good at this. Another, maybe more sneaky way is to help the skin and it’s microbiome to build the skin barrier itself. Prebiotics are really good at that: not only they help keep water in the skin, they also feed the bacteria that will release components of the acid mantle.
The best bit? No oil involved.

And that’s why our serum feels so light, and yet hydrates so well. Loads of prebiotics, no oil. Take that, tewl! Also, it’s packed with good bacteria, lactic acid and lifting fern extract. So it’s not only hydrating, it’s firming, soothing, smoothing, brightening and clarifying.

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