The skin barrier is the most superficial layer of the epidermis, it protects the skin against external aggressions (shocks, pollution, bad bacteria…) When it is altered, the skin becomes dehydrated, it loses vitality and cracks of dryness appear.

So, how to preserve this barrier? Here are the 5 steps to adopt:

Do not damage your barrier. The most logical. The problem: Washing your hands damages the barrier. But you don’t need to strip your skin to kill bad bacteria or viruses, use a dermatological cleansing bar to limit the damage.

Acidify the skin: As the skin is at pH5, it is proven that acidifying the skin can help rebuild the barrier. So always use suitable products. We’ve even heard of vinegar baths in case of eczema…

Love your bacteria. They synthesize part of the acid mantle, the outer protective layer of the skin. Leaving them in peace allows them to do the job. Give them prebiotics, and an acidic, pathogen-free environment.

Film it. If the barrier is damaged, the logical solution is to re-form an artificial one. A skin protective film of natural origin or not, which will prevent the skin from being raw and water from evaporating (the famous TransEpidermal Water Loss). The cheapest solution: paraffin-type mineral oils. Or a more natural solution such as a glycerin-based moisturizer. Prebiotics have a good water retention action because of their chemical structure.

Not just oily: to rebuild the barrier, no need for oily textures! At Gallinée, the pre-pro-postbiotic combination helps rebuild the skin barrier at many points without any greasy effect. Moisturize without oil? Yes, it is possible. For example, the Youthful Serum helps rebuild the barrier and regenerate the skin cells, without any oil in its composition. See for yourself!


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Youthful Serum_Gallinée_white_angle on white background and shadows. Product with prebiotics and probiotics.

photo credit : Dieline