Where is started, and where it’s going: take a tour of the key moments throughout Gallinée’s history:

July 2014
Marie, our founder, gets a crazy idea: Why not feed your skin bacteria the same way that you feed your gut bacteria. It sounds so logical to her that she goes and passes her Pharmacy thesis on the subject, and uses it to develop formulations for a new brand, Gallinée!

April 2016
In the smallest corner of the biggest pharmacy congress in France, Gallinée is launched. 5 products that care for your skin and its microbiome. Not only we’re not scared of saying the word bacteria, but we actually say they’re good for you. People are asking a lot of questions, that we answer with passion and a strong French accent. The science is new but the results are there, and the brand starts developing a cult following.

October 2018:
Vinegar? On your face? Gallinée launch the product that everyone is talking about, a toner for both sensitive and oily skin. And yes, there’s real vinegar in it. Dr Marie Drago is quite proud of the two patents granted to the product. As of 2021, we sold more than 100,000 units of our Face Vinegar, making skin glow all around the world.

August 2020: A difficult year for everyone, but our team is growing and our Skin & Microbiome supplements are making headway and headlines. The first exploration of the gut-skin axis, or how your gut microbiome can help your skin. Your body is indeed a planet, with an excellent communication network.

September 2021: The concept of microbiome is getting in the spotlight, and Gallinée Microbiome Skincare is leading the way. With new clinical studies, new categories (hello Oral Care!), new markets and new science (bonjour microbiome-friendly anti-dandruff), we continue our expansion as the microbiome skincare leaders, and we love it!