Last week we met the amazing nutritional therapist, Antonia Magor. Just like us, she is obsessed with probiotics and prebiotics (for our inside and out).

We just felt in love with her. She has an amazing background, she is passionate, she gives amazing advices and her kindness makes you so comfortable.

That’s why we decided to do an interview just for you.

Hi Antonia, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I actually have a background in Fashion and Art, I studied in Florence and then I moved to Paris, where I was working in fashion.

I came back to London and I was working as a stylist. During all the shoots, I realised the importance of good health, and the environment that I was in was quite unhealthy. I wanted to do something different and as I was really into nutrition, I started studying.

I’ve always been a foodie and while I was first studying I made healthy meals and did deliveries, I started with shoots and models, cooking every day and put it up to places to go. It was so fun. But as studying got more intense, I decided to focus on that.

So, you are a nutritionist now. Do you do individual consultation?

Yes, I have a clinic on Harley Street, which I am very excited about it.

I work with individuals, and I see them on a one-to-one basis with consultations. I approach health through diet and lifestyle, concentrating on finding the root cause of ill health or unbalance and working on understanding what’s happening inside their body. It’s all different people and I love that.

Do your clients ask you about pre and probiotics?

I naturally like to include them. I am big advocate of anti-inflammatory diet and limit inflammatory foods like dairy, processed sugar and highly refined foods. Probiotics are so great for the gut.
Right now I love apple cider vinegar, it’s very probiotic and prebiotic.

What do you think about adding probiotics and prebiotics to our skincare routine?

I think that’s wonderful. For me it’s so obvious to add them to our skin, they have so many benefits.

According to Tim Spector, skipping breakfast could actually be good for us. What do you think?

I think it’s very individual and depends on what suits you. You need to listen to your body, if you need breakfast, then great. But some people don’t need it. I definitely do! I love having proteins for breakfast, like eggs and toast.

What advice would you give to someone who’s trying to get their body ready for Christmas?

Probiotics! They supports immunity as 70% of your immunity is in your gut.

Try to have healthier food in some simple swops. Instead of a strong coffee, have a green tea. Instead of having chocolate or cakes during the day, try to have some avocado on toast.

What do you think of Marie’s favourite motto “Happy Calories Don’t Count”?

It’s a very French approach, and I really like it. I think we should enjoy our food and not feeling guilty. I don’t believe in counting calories.

What is your top 3 of favourite places for dinner in London?

– For healthy food I always choose the Good Life Eatery, I love it’s laid back vibe and their menu is healthy, hearty and fulfilling. The Goodness Bowl and green chicken meatballs are my favourites there!

– Another good one for healthy food is Farmacy in Notting Hill, it reminds me a lot of my trip to LA this summer and I love some of the menu’s more crazy healthy things like their turmeric syringe shots and Earth Bowls.

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is a little slice of heaven and makes me feel a million miles from London. I love chef Skye Gyngell’s take on British, seasonal food and simple menus and it’s within such a beautiful setting. I’d definitely recommend if you haven’t been!

Thank you Antonia!

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