Since August Gallinée is available in the very first London’s Parapharmacie, Make Me Feel on Abbeville Road.

We love it, and we especially are in love with Dr. Marine Vincent!

She is a French Doctor in Pharmacy and a healthcare Professional. In London for the past 10 years, Marine has lots of experience from consulting, managing community pharmacies to creating a spa within Streatham Pharmacy. Her passion for health and beauty coupled with her love for customer services has led her to create Make Me Feel, a place where it’s all about chemistry!

We decided to do a little interview of Dr. Marine Vincent just for you!

  • Who is Dr. Marine Vincent in a few words?

A daughter, sister, wife, friend and mother.

Passionate by people, skincare and high quality service

  • You’ve been a pharmacist for 10 years in London. What made you want to create Make Me Feel?

Being passionate by my job, I always wanted to go a little bit further and have my own boutique.
It took me around 10 years to transform this wish into reality.
During this time, I gathered ideas, experience, knowledge and network so the process of creating Make Me feel was smooth and I knew the ethic and the path that I wanted for it.
And for the location, as I am a local resident, I knew what the population was missing and the opportunity and again it was quite a obvious place for Make me feel.

  • People are using more and more French Pharmacie products nowadays. Why do you think it is so?

The French pharmacie products combine all what we could dream in a beauty products:
– quality
– efficiency
– expertise
– affordabiliy
– recommended by medical professional

And nowadays, people are more and more award of the components of a product and want high quality products with zero nasty ingredients and that exactly what French dermocosmestic is bringing.

  • What are your top 5 products always in your bag?

– a lip moisturiser (i love Bioderma one)
– Ciaté velvet lipstick
– hand cream from Gallinée
– my manicure set (just in case)
– A book

  • Abbeville is a very nice and busy area of Clapham. What is your favourite place to eat there?

Sorry for being so French but my favourite place is La Bonne Heure : a perfect French bistro style restaurant with high quality products to feel like at home

We couldn’t be happier to be available at Make Me Feel! Feel free to visit, Dr. Marine Vincent is so passionate and knowledgeable, she will answer to all your questions 🙂