Feed your bacteria now

Dry skin often happens when you don’t have enough good bacteria. Feed yours with our patented complex to help reconstitute your microbiome and rebuild your skin barrier.

Ultra gentle Cleanse

Cleansing Bar

Cleanses, soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. Ultra-gentle, yet deeply nourishing, the Cleansing Bar helps feed your skin’s good bacteria from head to toe with prebiotics and smooth skin with lactic acid. Supple and oh-so-soft skin is all-over radiant. Use once a day.

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Cultivate your youth

Youthful Serum

Highly concentrated in actives, the latest Gallinée serum boosts the efficiency of the Hydrating Face Cream, thanks to a cocktail of innovative bacteria. +62% hydration after 8 hours. While reducing the appearance of signs of ageing, it also helps to support your good bacteria for skin that’s nourished, hydrated, and infinitely soft. Apply morning or evening on clean skin.

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Hydrating Face Cream

The Hydrating Face Cream is highly concentrated in active ingredients especially prebiotics perfect to feed your skin’s bacterial and support your microbiome. Helping to rebuild skin’s barrier, it leaves skin hydrated, soothed and smooth. Use twice a day.

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Cleansing Bar + Hydrating Face Cream


Is your body prone to dryness?

Body Milk

Body Milk


The Body Milk is a wonder product for dry skin with a scientifically-formulated patented complex of probiotics, prebiotics and lactic acid. It contains Almond oil to strengthen skin’s barrier, lactic acid to smooth skin and prebiotics to support your its good bacteria. Skin is protected and left infinitely soft. +103% hydration after one hour. Use after shower.

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Hand Cream

Hand Cream


The Hand Cream is packed with light-weight and fast absorbing formula perfect to nourish and repair dry and damaged hands. Containing natural Shea Butter deeply nourishing skin and our patented complex of probiotics, prebiotics and lactic acid to support the microbiome. You will no longer struggle with damaged cuticles. The skin’s barrier is strengthened leaving hands supple and oh-so-soft.

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Download your Pre & Probiotics cookbook!

We partnered with Antonia Magor, a Nutritional Therapist to create this unique cookbook.

25 recipes to integrate prebiotics and probiotics in your daily meals and take care of your good bacteria!

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