Cleanse your hair AND soothe your scalp AND get rid of dandruff, is there anything that our best-selling Hair Cleansing Cream cannot do?

Today I’d like to present you our cult product, and its even cult-ier results.

1. Your scalp it itchy, red, tight? Our shampoo (which is not a shampoo) has been invented for that! 

Thanks to the power of fermented rice water, prebiotics and postbiotics, as well as the perfect pH for your hair, we found that:

    • 83% of testers found the product is ultra-soft for the scalp
    • 79% of testers found it relieves the sensation of itching
    • 79% found it reduces irritations
    • 75% found it soothes the scalp

2. You want shiny soft hair? We’re here for it

    • 79% of testers found hair are easy to comb
    • 81% found hair is lighter
    • 77% found that hair is shiny

3. You want a scalp that doesn’t get oily on day 2? We have something for you

    • 79% found that it reduces excess of sebum long term
    • 82% found it allows to space the time between two shampoo

4. You have dandruff and are looking for a natural long-term solution?

Guess what, yes you guessed right: We have a proven microbiome-friendly anti dandruff shampoo (still not a shampoo, but you get us)

    • This is our proud little miracle: an anti-dandruff shampoo that doesn’t destroy your scalp microbiome, and is indeed proven to be microbiome-friendly. A non-foaming revolution.
    • It reduces the amount of flakes by 60% in just 28 days
    • It reduces the size of flakes by 60% in just 28 days
    • And with no dullness, no irritation and an excellent tolerance!

But maybe we talk to much, when Gallinée fans say it best:

-“Helps my husband flaky scalp and beard more than any of the standard anti-dandruff options he’s always used” (Brigitte, on galliné

-“I’m on my 4th or 5th bottle now and it changed my life! I was washing my hair daily as it got greasy but now I can wash it twice a week” (Sophia, on galliné

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