This condition may affect many of you and that it can be difficult to find a product that can soothe your skin… But don’t worry, today we have some good news for you!

Our Body Milk and our Hydrating Face Cream recently have been tested for atopic-prone skin… And we are delighted to announce the test results are very conclusive with a 100% satisfaction score all around: the skin is soothed, comfortable, smoothed and so on. Bye-bye dry patches and itchy skin!

But what does “atopy” mean exactly? Let’s dive into the subject. To explain this condition in the best possible, we’ve lined up 3 articles. In this first article, we’ll talk about atopic-prone skin in general, and we’ll go into more details soon.

The etymology of this term comes from Greek: “a-topia” means “state of what is not where it belongs”.

Currently, the medical definition of atopy is: an allergic response of the immune system to common environmental allergens.

Atopy can occur in several forms: atopic dermatitis, urticaria, allergic asthma, allergic conjunctivitis or allergic rhinitis.

Today, we will focus on atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema.


  • Because it’s the most common skin disease and we would love for everyone to get their comfortable, smooth and soft skin back.
  • Because the number of cases increases every year.
  • Because the causes of this condition are not well defined yet.

In 3 sentences, here is what we to remember about atopy and its causes:
– Several factors are involved, which doesn’t make it easy for scientists to comprehend.
– Microbiome disorder is at the forefront of this condition.
– Anti-inflammatory and/or antibiotic treatments treat only the symptoms, and won’t help your good bacteria to take over.

Gallinée products support the microbiome of your skin, taking care of your good bacteria and helping them to thrive on the skin. The idea is to get the good bacteria to grow so that the bad ones don’t have any space left to reproduce and trigger inflammations.