You have loved it so much you put it out of stock! Our Face Vinegar in Spray is BACK just in time for summer. Here is why we love it so much:

1. A super easy application at home or on-the-go

You just need a few sprays, and your skin is reset! It is the perfect easy gesture to soothe and tone the skin anywhere and at any time of the day. Use it in your morning and night routine or bring it with you for the day for a nice refresh!

The same microbiome friendly formula, but with a twist that is making your life a little easier!

2. Also suitable for the body

With this new format, you can easily apply the Vinegar all over your body to give your skin a nice gentle exfoliation. It is ideal to brighten your skin and get rid of skin unevenness and imperfections!

3. An eco-friendly gesture

No need for cotton pads with the spray applicator. Just close your eyes and mouth and spray directly onto your face and neck! That’s it, no more waste.

4. Trying it is adopting it!

You can keep your new spray applicator for your next Face Vinegar purchase.  Unscrew the capsule of your Face Vinegar, replace it with your spray, and you’re good to go! Say hello to your favorite prebiotics mist.

5. Your perfect summer buddy

The Face Vinegar toner is the perfect quick refresh for the hot days. Support your skin microbiome and of course, don’t forget your SPF!

Ready to give yourself an instant glow this summer?

Shop our Face Vinegar in Spray here.