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On Wednesday 30th August 2017, Daily Telegraph wrote an article about probiotics and new skin saviour “Is this the new skin saviour?” (the answer is yes of course!)
If you didn’t read it, here is a very interesting abstract about the probiotic skincare market and its growth:

“Probiotics could be the answer to solving problem skin. Sonia Haria looks at the growing popularity of a new kind of beauty product.
Probiotics have long been known to have a positive impact on digestive health, but when it comes to skincare, there have been few beauty products to harness that impact. But that’s all changing. Of all the skincare labelled “probiotic” launched globally in the past three years, 27 per cent was introduced in 2014, 34,4 per cent in 2015 and 38,7 per cent in 2016.
It’s an incline that data insight group Mintel predict will continue as part of the £1,13 billion facial skincare market in the UK.”

Marie has been interviewed and we are very proud to have our own big paragraph. She tells you a little bit more about why probiotics products are good for your skin and bacteria.

“It was because of her own “hyper-reactive, dry and blemished” skin that Dr Marie Drago, the French pharmacist founded her brand Gallinée in April last year. She wanted a targeted alternative to strong disinfectants on the market that killed all the bacteria on the skin – including the good. “The use of probiotics is revolutionary for problem skin”, she says. “They help to rebuild the skin barrier, which is hugely beneficial for skin conditions like eczema. Probiotics can also have a purifying effect, so the way we treat acne is going to change totally in the next few years. We are switching to a strategy where we help the good bacteria to grow, naturally filling the space occupied by the P. acnes (the bacteria responsible for acne).” The appeal for skincare that works within the skin’s own ecosystem can be seen as natural skincare 2.0.”

A huge thank you to Daily Telegraph and for their interest!