At Gallinée, we love Christmas. And we love sustainability. That’s why we decided to do our best to bring you a merry but also as green as possible Christmas.

They say the best gifts come in the smallest packages. We say they come in the greenest packaging, and our transparent pouches have nothing to hide. As we are discovering more and more, plastic can be not so fantastic. That’s why we tried to include a more sustainable option this year for our Christmas offer. So, our pouches are made of EVA plastic, which is less toxic than regular plastic, and PVC, Phtalate and BPA-free.

On top, you can also reuse your packaging! Our pouches are perfect travel companions to bring your Gallinée favourites everywhere with you but don’t feel limited, you can use them however you like. As an emergency snack stash, to carry your phone chargers around or to store your sticker collection. 

Speaking of stickers, you will find a sheet of stickers by Amaia (@the_oneiric) in every Build-Your-Own Bacteria Set 😉.

Did you know that on top of being super cute, they were PLA stickers (poly-lactic acid), so fully biodegradableThat’s right! Stickers just got even cooler. 

Merry Christmas, see you under the -green- tree x