Of course, and for a number of reasons:

  • Hydration without heaviness. Microbiome products are able to support and feed your skin without ever being to oily, greasy, sticky, gloopy. Isn’t it nice?
  • Protect what your microbiome capital. These little bacteria are fragile and are literally your first line of defense. Caring for them ensure they will keep on protecting you 
  • Build your skin resilience. Cycles, seasons, pollution, stress, it’s a hard life being a good skin. Caring for your microbiome ensure that when the next problem comes up, your skin will be able to prevent any disagreement. 
  • Prevent ageing. Inflammation of the cells is the first cause of ageing, and it’s called inflammageing. The causes are diverse, sun, pollution, hormones, but the result is always the same: skin loses elasticity and cells are less performants. The role of the microbiome is to prevent inflammation, keeping your skin younger for longer.
  • A perfect glow and the best complexion! Science is clear: your microbiome creates components that increase skin glow and complexion evenness. We also add lactic acid for daily exfolation, so it’s the guarantee of radiant skin.