At Gallinée we are massive fans of lactic acid. So fan that Marie Drago has a lactic acid molecule around her neck, and you will find the same molecule decorating all our packaging.

Why is lactic acid so good for microbiome skincare? Because of 3 reasons:

  • It’s natural, produced by a number of good bacteria that use it for its own protection and defence.
  • It creates the perfect environment for your skin and its microbiome.
  • It’s also the gentlest of the AHAs, providing you with daily exfoliation and glow, in a very gentle way.

You will find lactic acid in every single Gallinée product, but the eye cream. If you want to learn more, read this article: Why is lactic acid in all our products?

When it comes to vaginal microbiome, lactic acid is the star of the whole ecosystem. See, your vagina is ruled by the queen Lactobacillus. This kind of bacteria reigns supreme and protects your little queendom from infections and irritations. She feeds from the glycogene secreted by your body and produces lactic acid as a result. Because lactic acid is… an acid, it creates a very acidic environment in your vagina, bringing it to a pH around 4. It means pathogenic bacteria that live in the external world cannot come and set foot. When things go smoothly, you have this virtuous circle: glycogene >> feed the lactobacilli >> produce lactic acid >> acidic pH >>> even more lactobacilli.

This is why it’s so interesting to use lactic acid as a key ingredient in our cleansing bar: it’s your best ally to protect and support the vulva ecosystem.



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