I have two kitchen utensils that I use every day: My nutribullet and my waffle maker.

I am highly intolerant to gluten, and I think porridge is an abomination (controversial in the UK, I know…) so it makes my breakfasts a bit complicated. I was raised on baguettes and croissants, so what do I put under my mum’s blackberry jam?

Enter the waffle maker. Bought for 30 quids a few years ago, and close to retirement from overuse. It sounds like the most indulgent thing ever, but I have waffle most mornings. It makes me 3 minutes from start to finish, I keep the batter for two or three days, and it makes me a very popular hostess. I highly recommend waffles for breakfast.

So here is my quasi-recipe, you could call it a waffle roulette. Let’s say it is really hard to fail at making waffles, so feel free to experiment. To make waffles you need 5 things: some kind of flour, eggs, lipids, some liquid and some raising agent. For 8 waffles I take 2 mugs of flour, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of fat and 2/3 cups of liquid and 2 pinches of baking powder.

Here are my favourite ingredients

FlourEggFatLiquidRaising agent
Rice FlourButterMilkBaking Powder
Buckwheat flourCoconut oilAny kind of mylkInstant yeast
Gluten free flourCrème fraicheKefir (my favourite, makes light bubbly waffles)Normal yeast (lovely taste if you have a bit of time)
½ Rice ½ Almondyogurt
½ rice ½ walnut
Chestnut flour
And for savoury:
Gram flour
½ rice ½ polenta


The process is really hard, please follow closely: I put everything in the nutribullet, I mix for 5 seconds and that’s ready. Voila.
And you can add also vanilla extract, lemon zest, chocolate chips, a bit of orange juice, cheese cubes! The list is infinite.

Wait until your waffle maker is warm (3 minutes on mine), pour batter, make tea and when your tea is ready, the waffles also.

To top up, yoghurt and fruits are great, or it can get a lot naughtier: chocolate spread, jam, peanut butter, dipped in chocolate sauce, etc…

Come and join the waffle club!