Today I wanted to talk about Vinegar.

Our newest product does not contain any perfume or colourant. So that faint smell and rose gold colour? It all comes from our main ingredient: Hibiscus Vinegar.

I always thought vinegar is such an interesting ingredient: it contains vitamins, biotin, folic acid, fibres, enzymes and other organic components. It is also a postbiotic: produced by a bacteria (Acetobacter to be precise), and has a feedback effect on the skin bacteria. Everything I like to see in an active!

What does it do? Well, the list is long, which is why we picked it. Hibiscus Vinegar protects against oxidative stress, regulates sebum and is also astringent, anti-ageing, exfoliating and anti-irritant. There is also good proof it can help with wound healing! We can feel vinegar is going to be a hot beauty ingredient in the years to come.

How do you do it? It’s almost too simple: You infuse apple cider vinegar with fresh vibrant flowers of hibiscus, wait for the sufficient time, filter and enjoy. The simplest method for the most beautiful product.

And by the way, we really recommend hibiscus tea as an alternative to the usual cuppa. It has a warm and tangy taste and makes your life all pink. It is a light diuretic and good for colds.

Let’s celebrate this with a glass of shrub!