Did you know you have bacteria everywhere on and in your body? Gut, skin and also, consequently, vagina. The balance of microbes in the vagina is vital to overall feminine health, so here are a few things you should know to take care of it.

We don’t want to bother you about science, but just note that our friend Marcus the Lactobacillus is the main species in the vaginal microbiome of adult women. Marcus produces lactic acid, which benefits his host by lowering the vaginal pH. That’s why the main sign of a healthy vaginal microbiome is the relative abundance of lactobacilli.

That being said, here are a few tips to help you keep a happy 🐱:

1- Don’t douche it

This is the most common mistake women do. You can softly wash the outside (for instance with our Cleansing Bar) but please don’t clean the inside! Your vagina has an amazing “self-cleaning” feature thanks to lactic acid. Trying to wash it will only harm our dear friend Marcus.

2- Pee after sex

Urinating after sexual intercourse helps cleanse the urethra from harmful bacteria and reduces the risks of an infection. Btw, peeing before sex can also be beneficial because it decompresses the bladder for comfort.

3- Drink water & eat well

Sorry to be such a killjoy, but hydration and a good diet (with a focus on probiotics foods) will always benefit your overall health. 

4- Protect yourself when you have a new partner

The advantages of having a long-term partner (among other things) is that your vaginal microbiome adapts and develops a tolerance. Having sex with a new partner is a microbial assault on the vagina, so protect yourself before it becomes a love story.

5- Use cotton underwear

Prefer 100% cotton underwear, as it’s breathable and absorbent, which can help prevent yeast infections. 

6- Let it breathe sometimes

Go naked when nobody is watching (or when there’s someone… up to you 😉) 

7- Use vaginal probiotic when needed

When you feel like your intimate flora is unbalanced, the strains of lactobacilli present in probiotics supplements that have been scientifically proven to restore the vaginal microbiome. That’s why our grandmothers applied yogurt directly to their ladybits when they were irritated!