Our new baby is in the Guardian!

A ray of sunshine on a grey Saturday was to find our Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar featured in The Guardian by the brilliant Sali Hughes (@salihughes), beauty expert extraordinaire.

She speaks about menopause, vulva, and how she is relieved to finally see beauty brands speak up about those subjects, without shame. « Two words I did not expect to find in press releases from beauty brands, now or ever: “menopause” and “vulva”. Both stopped me in my tracks last week, and that in itself speaks pretty poorly of the current offering. » Sali, we couldn’t agree more! It’s more than time to talk about intimate hygiene openly and educate ourselves on the subject.

Our new Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar is the perfect product to take care of your intimate hygiene while respecting your vaginal microbiome!

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