You’ll find it in food, supplements, hygiene products and, of course, our haircare range. What is it? Panthenol, of course. The wonder ingredient that helps to keep your skin and hair in beautiful condition!

Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, is best-known as a moisturiser and humectant – which essentially means that it gives and keeps in moisture.

As most people will know (and everyone should get to know), hydration is a massively important part of having good skin and hair. Without good levels of moisture, the skin’s protective barrier – called the microbiome – can’t protect itself against attack.

A dry and damaged microbiome means that bad bacteria can get into deeper levels of your skin cells, causing dreaded irritation and redness. It also means that your skin loses that all-important glow that makes everyone feel good when they look in the mirror!

Panthenol helps to make sure that your skin keeps up these moisture levels and fights against bad bacteria. This also means it will look beautiful and provide a strong micro-environment for your hair to grow from- but it’s not done yet.

Another key role that Panthenol plays in the appearance of your skin and hair is its ability to bind to hair strands.

Panthenol is known to us science people as an alcohol analog. This means that it is chemically the same as vitamin B5 but differs slightly in its structure (it’s a liquid at room temperature). Luckily for us, this unique property makes a whole lot of difference to our hair.

In liquid form, panthenol binds really well with our hair strands. This means that it coats the hair and seals its surface. Not only does this mean that it can bring moisture, but it can also keep it locked in.

Panthenol’s ability to soother and support our skin, as well as its ability to coat our hair, creates a beautiful glossy appearance. Let’s face it – who doesn’t want that?

You can find this wonderful ingredient in our Care Mask – which is perfect for giving your hair a little bit of extra TLC.

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