Our Anti Waste Operation 2021 at Gallinée was all about going greener.
We built a roadmap of our sustainable goals, achieved some key ones, and released them in the wild.
One big point of focus for us was the product life cycle, aka what goes on behind the scenes and is not very exciting to talk about from a marketing point of view. Yet, at Gallinée we feel that production is such a central point when it comes to sustainability in the beauty industry or every product industry for that matter. After all, a truly sustainable beauty product might just be no product at all. The reality is that the beauty industry is set to produce too much, and we are struggling as an industry to reduce.

The result? 

Millions of products still perfectly good to use thrown away each year. Thanks to great individual initiatives, such as producing only what is going to be sold through pre-order campaigns (seen recently in the fashion industry at Make My Lemonade for instance), things are slowly changing for the better.
At Gallinée we have put measures in place for a healthy product life cycle:
  • we produce in small batches to reduce potential waste from the start.
  • we donate to charities and hospitals all year-long products that are slowly approaching expiration date, but are still completely good to use for many, many months.
To go one step further this year, we decided to bring our anti-waste actions from behind to front of the scene.
Meet the Gallinée Anti Waste Operation! We are now giving everyone the opportunity to purchase products closer to the expiration date, but still perfectly safe to use for many months, at a very, very reduced price. This way, no product gets discarded when it is still perfectly good to use.
We had a great response to it, and plan to do others during the year. Let us know what you think! And maybe, this might be the start of a new green deal!

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