At Gallinée we put our products through a very thorough battery of tests. That way we know they’re good, and even better, with know they’re good with numbers next to them.

I am very proud to present here the results of our Scalp & Hair Mask, a prebiotic and fermented rice water infused product that takes care of your scalp microbiome!

Tested on who?

22 people with wither oily or normal scalp, under control of a dermatologist.

What results?

  1. One that I really like: Our Scalp & Hair mask is clinically proven to reduce sebum production! Sebum was measured on the first day and after 21 days, and both scalp and hair were less oily. For a mask, especially one that you can apply directly on your scalp, this is great! The more you use it, the less your hair regreases.
  2. The fancy one: We tested all of our products on a microbiome model, so we can say with pride: Our Scalp & Hair Mask is microbiome-friendly!
  3. The omg so good ones: From our testing panel, these are the results:

For the hair

  • Hair is nourished : 100%
  • Hair is light : 91%
  • Hair is shiny : 95%

For the scalp

  • Scalp is soothed : 91%
  • Scalp feels moisturised : 91%
  • Scalp is purified : 86%

And for both

  • Scalp and Hair are protected : 86%
  • Scalp and Hair are strengthened : 86%

Here you are: A wonder product, soothing and purifying both scalp and hair, to make you and your microbiome as happy as can be!

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