Get the cleanse, hold the foam and soothe your scalp.

Get the cleanse, hold the foam and soothe your scalp.

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It's changed my life. I no longer have scalp irritation or dryness. Sofia
I continue to buy it forever. It leaves my hair soft and clean without drying the scalp. Erica
This is the only product that that's stopped the itching and made my scalp feel soothed. Kathryn
Clean hair

A 100% clinically proven anti-dandruff action.

A 60% decrease in dandruff over 28 days.

HOW? Instead of trying to fix things by killing your scalp's ecosystem, we are helping by supporting the resident microbiome to help them keep dandruff under control.

And the results are there!

fermented rice water in shampoo

The power of fermented rice water.

Rice water has been traditionally used as facial and hair wash for centuries by Asian women to improve skin complexion and hair condition. Nutritious rice water fermented is a favorable active known to keep healthy and shiny hair.

Discover the benefits of this wonder ingredient, with our fermented rice water infused Hair Cleansing Cream.

Ultra-gentle, sulfate-free and non-foaming.

Ultra-gentle, sulfate-free and non-foaming.

Clinically proven to be anti-dandruff.

Clinically proven to be anti-dandruff.

Hair Cleansing Cream


Get the cleanse, hold the foam to soothe your scalp

A revolutionary sulphate-free cream shampoo.
The non-foaming cleanser leaves hair clean, healthy & shiny, and scalp soothed. Perfect for all hair & scalp types, even sensitive ones.
Clinically proven anti-dandruff efficiency. Reset your scalp, erase the flakes.
100% proven anti-dandruff action and 60% decrease in dandruff over 28 days.*

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Frequent questions answered by our founder and Doctor of Pharmacy.

Marie Drago

Marie Drago

How to soothe an irritated scalp?

Introducing Gallinée Soothing Cleansing Cream to your hair routine is a great way to soothe your irritated scalp.

We exclude the surfactants and sulphates used in traditional shampoos and conditioners that make you wash your hair more often as these increase sebum production, which leads to an imbalance in your scalp. The scalp’s microbiome helps to regulate your sebum and any imbalance can lead to itchiness, redness and dandruff.
Using microbiome skincare that includes pre, post and probiotic complexes will help to keep your microbiome healthy and your scalp soothed.

How to improve skin microbiome on scalp?

Using hair products based on patented pre, post and probiotic skincare technology is the best way to improve your scalp’s microbiome. This helps to rebalance your scalp, soothe irritation and strengthen your skin’s protection against harmful bacteria.

Our Soothing Cleansing Cream includes a unique pre and postbiotic complex (enriched with fermented rice water) that supports your scalp’s microbiome by providing nourishment and purification.

How should I apply Gallinée Soothing Cleansing Cream?

You use our Soothing Cleansing Cream much like any other shampoo. Apply a small dollop onto your roots and massage into your scalp and then through your hair to the tips. Leave the cream in for two minutes then rinse off – simple!

Top tip: Our cream won’t foam up like normal shampoo, so it can be tempting to use more than you need. Try to use the same amount of cream as you would your normal shampoo.

Why does the Cleansing Cream not foam?

Our Cleansing Cream doesn’t foam as it’s derived from 100% natural and non-ionic ingredients. The surfactants, sulfates and chemicals in normal shampoos (which enable them to foam) cause your hair to get greasy more quickly, encouraging you to wash your hair more often. This is due to the fact that they increase your sebum production, which imbalances your scalp’s microbiome and can also cause itchiness, redness and dandruff.

When will I start to see results from this shampoo?

Once you’ve been using our Soothing Cleansing Cream shampoo for two to three weeks, you should notice that your scalp feels soothed, your hair feels gorgeously healthy and that you don’t need to wash your hair as often.

Here’s what some users have found:

  • Ultra-gentle for the scalp: 83% agreed
  • Irritation is reduced: 79% agreed
  • Hair is easy to comb: 79% agreed
  • The product relieves feelings of itching: 79% agreed
  • The scalp is soothed: 75% agreed
  • Prevent irritations and itching: 75% agreed

* Tested on 24 persons with have sensitive/delicate scalp, subject to irritation/itching

Should I alternate this product with regular shampoo?

We recommend alternating our Soothing Cleansing Cream with your normal shampoo, to begin with.

How often should I wash my hair with Gallinée Soothing Cleansing Cream?

You can start with one or two washes a week!

Is Gallinée Soothing Cleansing Cream suitable for a very sensitive scalp (psoriasis, eczema, irritations...)?

Every product at Gallinée (including our Soothing Cleansing Cream) is suitable for sensitive skin. Our cream shampoo is designed with a pre and postbiotic complex that is enriched with fermented rice water – this unique blend will soothe irritation, strengthen your microbiome to prevent future sensitivity and clean your hair to perfection.

We have also tested our cream in groups of people with skin sensitivities:

  • 83% agreed that it was ultra-gentle for their scalp
  • 79% agreed that their irritation was reduced
  • 79% agreed that hair is easy to comb
  • Product relieves feelings of itching: 79% agreed
  • The scalp is soothed: 75% agreed
  • Prevent irritations and itching: 75% agreed

*Tested on 24 persons with have sensitive/delicate scalp, subject to irritation/itching

Can I use it with coloured hair?

Good news! Our Soothing Cream is not a source of problem for dyed hair.

Is the PH of the Soothing Cleansing Cream safe for the hair PH?

Yes, the pH of the scalp is around 4.5 to 5.0 and Our Hair Cleansing Cream PH is 4.5, which is perfect!

Scalp microbiome soothing shampoo

The importance of a healthy scalp microbiome.

Your scalp microbiome is a rich environment that protects and nourishes your scalp and hair, yet it’s fragile and can be disturbed by pollution, stress or over washing.

So, it made a lot of sense to preserve this microbiome. Here comes the Hair Cleansing Cream: a cult sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicon-free & prebiotic-enriched product to balance your scalp microbiome and offer you beautiful hair.

scalp microbiome soothing shampoo

Why is there vitamin E in our product ?

Vitamin E covers your scalp and hair with a protective layer. This layer helps your hair in three ways: it locks in moisture, reduces oxidative stress and improves blood flow.

The Hair Cleansing Cream is meant to be massaged and left in for a few minutes, so your hair and skin can absorb all the Vitamin E goodness – believe us, it’s worth it.

As seen in

Why is it non-foaming?

Why is it non-foaming?

The foaming effect in shampoos is due to the presence of surfactants and sulphates, which are very irritating and drying to the hair and scalp. 

Plus, they may make you wash your hair more often due to the increased sebum production caused by these ingredients.

Our Hair Cleansing Cream does not use surfactants and sulphates, which makes it so gentle on your hair and scalp.

It might be a bit surprising at first, but the absence of foam is synonymous with a product that is just as effective and more respectful of our hair!

Lactic acid: an important ph leveller.

Lactic acid: an important ph leveller.

Lactic acid – still a rare ingredient in hair & scalp products – but not for long!

It is a member of a collective of acids known as AHAs. It’s no secret that AHAs are good for you – almost every one of them has been proven to benefit your skin and hair condition. 

Think of your hair as being like your private garden and your skin as the earth. In order for your garden to grow optimally, you need the earth beneath it to be just right. Your skin needs a perfect pH level, good amounts of hydration, continual renewal and exclusion from bad bacteria in order for your hair to thrive, and this is where lactic acid comes to play.

That’s why we’ve included lactic acid as a key ingredient to our entire haircare range and mostly for its soothing effects in our Hair Cleansing Cream.

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