Skincare Diet

Skincare Diet

Hello it’s Marie, the founder of Gallinée. Today I would like to talk about a new trend coming from Asia: the skincare diet.

What is it ? In one sentence it is just : using less skincare. The perfect antidote to the 10 steps Korean skincare routine from a few years back.

How does it work ? Well it’s quite simple really, it’s simply to scale down your routine with one cleanser, one moisturiser, one SPF.

It goes well with the trend of minimalist skincare, or just the broader sustainability idea of consuming less.

Who is it for ? It’s particularly indicated for anyone with sensitive skin, or skin prone to redness. The idea is that piling up ingredients and products on the skin will highten the risk of inflammation, so scaling back will allow you to really discover your skin underneath.

And here at Gallinée, we are all for the skincare diet!

I know it might sounds counter-intuitive for a beauty brand to recommend using less products, but it just make so much sense in the long rerm ! Our aim is to make the most gentle, most efficient products possible for everyone and that’s why gallinée products are fitted for all skin types.

This is also why we don’t put anything in our products that is not toward efficacy. Most of our facial products are fragrance-free with no colourants.

So tell us what is your minimal routine, and share the pictures with #gallineeskincarediet



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