Test your microbiome & discover the new step to skin health.

Bonjour, Dr Marie Drago here.

Let me tell you why I’m so excited about launching this amazing Skin Microbiome Health test.

Microbiome science is still a relatively new science, barely 10 years old. Which means that everything had to be understood and built from scratch.

We were lucky to be the first ones to launch products targeted at the skin microbiome on the market, based on all we knew about the skin microbiome, the impact of modern life, and how to make better cosmetic products.

One thing I always wanted to do though, was to really know what was going on at bacteria level on the skin. The problem? We could do it in a lab on a few bacteria, but it was too imprecise and too expensive to do it for customers. We had to wait for the science to catch up.

And then enter the bright kids at Sequential Skin. Oliver, Albert and Petronille designed a microbiome skin test that is both really affordable and very high precision. For the first time ever, you can get a clear picture of what’s living on your skin, how they are doing, and how you can help your microbiome.

Here is what the Skin Health Test can bring you:

  • A snapshot of your skin health. What is your current skin age, your skin sensitivity.
  • A precise idea of the makeup of your microbiome. How many acne bacteria do you have? Do you have enough of the good Staph epi? Too much of the mean Staph aureus? Are you lucky to have the newly discovered depolluting skin bacteria? What’s the diversity of your ecosystem? What do they do, what  do they want? In one word, are they Pedro Pascal enough to protect your skin against everything life might throw at it?
  • At last: A skincare routine really adapted to your skin microbiome. Once we know the bacteria of your microbiome and what ingredient they like, the clever Sequential team can recommend a Gallinée routine precisely based on your results. To my knowledge this is a world first, but really not the last. Welcome to the future of beauty: working with your skin, not against. And getting the right products for your exact microbiome. 

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