We know what you are going to say: “Another article on vinegar ?!” Well yes, one more, but it’s because it’s a truly magical ingredient, and so little mentioned in the wonderful world of cosmetics.

Today, we decided to show you why this product is essential in general, not just in cosmetics, and why our grandmothers could swear by it. So here we go: the Top 5 of our favorite vinegar uses!

1. Cider vinegar: A great conditioner!

Vinegar really has a magic effect on the hair, it makes them shiny and silky and even helps get rid of dandruff. It also helps remove impurities and scalp sebum (to avoid if you tend to have very dry hair). Mix a little cider vinegar with warm water and apply on wet hair and presto, we rinse, and your hair come back to life!

2. White vinegar: an extraordinary cleanser

We cannot count the number of actions white vinegar can have on … about everything! Window cleaner, pipes, pots and pans, your bathroom… This product is absolutely magic when it comes to cleaning, plus it’s 100% ecofriendly. Ask your grandmothers, you’ll see.

3. A must-have in the kitchen

Excellent for seasoning, it is also a super conservative! If you plunge your fruits or vegetables in a jar of vinegar, they can be kept years without being altered. Vinegar also facilitates digestion and also has anti-cholesterol properties. Whether it’s wine vinegar, cider, balsamic… you have no more excuses not to have one in your kitchen.

4. Vinegar: an after-sun solution

If you are looking for a natural and economical sun cure, nothing is better than cider vinegar again. It helps relieve irritated skin by regulating the pH of the skin perfectly and brings a feeling of freshness. Mix the cider vinegar in cold water and stir. Dip a clean cloth in your mixture then place it on the irritated areas. You can renew this action several times a day.

5. A toner but so much better!

Obviously, you suspected that the use of vinegar in cosmetics is one of our favourite (we launched a new product, the Face Vinegar if you had not already seen). The vinegar acts as a very effective purifier for the skin, it reduces the sensations of irritation with the effect of hard water. In our product, we use hibiscus vinegar because it deeply purifies, and it also helps to calm stressed skin while protecting the skin from external ageing factors.

Stain remover, muscle soothing, efficient against hiccups… There are many other different uses. We told you it was magic, didn’t we?

Do not hesitate to send us your grandmother tips, the Gallinée team loves to receive your little stories 😊