The skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it. Or so they say. Actually, it’s really hard to make anything go into the skin! And that’s why it’s quite safe for you to take a shower, you won’t absorb the water 😊

And this is thanks to the skin barrier function. It’s a couple of words that you hear more and more in beauty. And with reason, it’s really important and you can fix your skin just by rebuilding your skin barrier.

First thing first, it’s not a real barrier. It’s three! 

  • First, there’s a physical barrier: Your skin is really good at keeping stuff out. There’s different layers of protection: The stratum corneum (the dead skin cells of your skin), the lipids from sebum and of course, the microbiome.
  • Then there’s the chemical barrier: Using the power of chemistry to protect the skin and its integrity. One big player here: The Acid Mantle (we’ve put the capital letters for emphasis). This chemical shield is a mix of lipids, proteins and compounds from your microbiome, all with a slightly acidic pH. They will protect you from viruses, bacteria or other contaminants that might want to enter. Chemistry is so cool!
  • And lastly, there’s an immune barrier: A top-notch state of the art military defence that spots intruders and destroys them mercilessly. This is actually military cooperation between your skin and your microbiome. They work together, signalling pathogens to each other through a cool communication system. Then they synthesise anti-pathogens actives, such as lactic acids or antimicrobial peptides. It’s an absolutely amazing system that we are just starting to understand.


All of Gallinée products are designed to improve and rebuild the skin barrier. Our face oil particularly acts on the 3 functions:

  • Our Face Oil brings skin-like lipids to act like sebum and intra-cellular cement and strengthen the physical barrier
  • The postbiotic lipids from our geyser bacteria will feed your microbiome. In return, your microbiome will improve the THREE functions of the skin barrier: physical, chemical and immune.

And all together this will lead to more glow, a better complexion and intense soothing. Really an oil in one!

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