At Gallinée, we’ve always been a team of skincare nerds.

Marie Drago, our founder is a pharmacist, so she’s been making skincare forever. Marie M, second of the name, has a skincare routine that is the envy of any influencer, Sego keeps sending us emails full of exclamation marks every time she sees a new cool skincare concept. Diego, our head of sales, has a 4 pm skincare routine, which we never had seen before. Even Carla, our new Finance Manager is crazy about skincare and subscribe to more newsletters than all of us together. Nerds for skin, forever.

So that’s why all our products so far have always been to apply on skin or scalp. With a simple idea: highly concentrated, very efficient products that gentle for the skin and using the power of your own microbiome.

But after 4 years of talking to customers, journalists or just beauty enthusiasts, we noticed a question coming over and over: “What should I eat to get beautiful skin?”. Because you are right, good skin can also come from the inside.

So for the last 3 years, Dr Marie Drago has been researching. She researched a lot on the gut-skin microbiome, and how your skin inflammation can be helped (or worsened) by what is happening in your gut. She researched a lot on oral prebiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics and how they can help reduce this inflammation. She found the best labs in the world that specialise in probiotics. And then she used her pharmacy knowledge to formulate the equivalent of skincare in a cap: a product that would be highly concentrated, very efficient and help reduce the signs of sensitive skin. With a lot of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics inside. Seriously, so much. Check our article about “How to choose a probiotic supplement”.

Today we are very proud to present you the first Gallinée supplement, formulated for sensitive skin. It is the perfect companion to our skincare regime, and we hope you love it as much as we do!

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