It is estimated that there are several billion microorganisms living in your body and all these small people play an essential role in the proper functioning of your body. Among them, no less than 500 different species would live in your digestive system. And since your beloved intestine influences your brain, the famous gut-brain axis, consuming more of certain foods could cure mood disorders or even diseases such as depression. 

How? Thanks to psychobiotics. The term was coined from an Irish study conducted by Ted Dinan and refers to a category of probiotics. During his research, he noticed that certain types of food, once ingested, would produce neurotransmitters in a good mood in our brain and affect emotional control

For the nerdy side that we love in Gallinée, it is actually digestive bacteria like Bifidobacterium infantis or Lactobacillus helveticuset (bless you!) that produce substances such as serotonin or GABA that act directly on the brain and especially on mood control. 

In the long term, these psychobiotics could be used to treat disorders such as anxiety or depression. 

So what foods can make us happy?

  •  Fermented foods: i.e. food that is neither raw nor cooked and is naturally transformed by certain bacteria… Chouchroute, Kombucha, Yoghurt, Cheese (which stinks), Kimchi, Miso Soup will be your new best friends.
  • Bananas and apples: Among all the fruits, these two would be small boosts for a good mood because their consumption improves your levels of lactic acid bacteria, essential for your well-being.
  •  Kefir: This Bulgarian yoghurt is a concentrate of good bacteria that will help you improve your mood and reduce stress!

And now, are convinced by psychobiotics? A big YES for us.

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