If you’re like me, so probably thinking you’ve overdone it a bit on comfort food lately. Totally fine, but it might leave you looking for solutions with the word Detox in it. As you might know, I’m not a massive fan of the word, usually your liver does all the detox by itself and doesn’t really need extra help. But actually, the science of probiotics is progressing a lot, and it turns out these little microbiomes could be helping you a lot. So, how to detox with probiotics ?

  • Can you help your liver with probiotics? Yes you can! It’s a very new science called the gut-liver axis, and some gut microbes can help your liver process toxins faster. These heroes? For the moment they stay in the shadows of your gut, but in a few years expect them to shine bright and treat liver problems!
  • Feeling like you really should not help yourself with chestnut cream for a third time, but still doing it? Some probiotics are really promising at regulating appetite. These little helpers? Enterosatys is a brand that specialise in this.
  • Feeling like you’re half chestnut cream by now, and looking to lose a bit of belly fat? Enter the new superstar of probiotics, a bacterium called Akkermansia Muciniphila. Still hard to find in consumer products, I need to do a special article on this one, as she’s really interesting. There are some good studies too on the cooly-named L. paracasei K56.

detox and supplements

  • Upset tummy, tummy bug, too much time spent on the loo? That’s what probiotics have been invented for! Team them up with digestive fibres for maximum effect. Aim for a maximum of diversity for this one, Lactobacilli and Saccharomyces boulardii are your best friends.
  • Skin being both sensitive, dry and greasy, like a special Christmas combo? It turns out some probiotics are perfect for soothing your skin and putting everything back into balance. Biased of course, but we really recommend our Skin & Microbiome Supplements.
  • Sprout breath and feeling like your mouth is drier than a bad turkey? Time to rebalance your mouth microbiome. Luckily, that’s what our Mouth & Microbiome supplements have been designed for. They’re even fresh and minty, for an immediate effect. And I know kissing people under the mistletoe is probably a tradition that will disappear forever, but just in case 😊

Voila, me and the whole Gallinée team wishes you a relaxing holiday and a new year with less surprises than the last two!


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