Two good news to share with you today! The first one is that Gallinée offers for the second year a Christmas Gift Set with your favourite face products:

– the Facial Cleansing Foam
– the Face Vinegar
– a sample of the Youthful Serum
– the Hydrating Face Cream

The second one is that this year, we had the chance to partner with Alana and Lisa MacFarlane from the Gut Stuff, the famous gut microbiome influencers! Yes, of course, there is such a thing as a gut influencer community. We keep telling you it’s the coolest trend around!

Alana and Lisa are identical twins, aged 29 with impressive CVs. They are well known for being DJs and spend their summers on festival tours. They are the famous DJs of Love Island. In their spare time, they are also presenters on Virgin Radio.

Because they are twins, they had the chance to take part of a study by Kings College London on the role of bacteria in the digestive system. Indeed, with a 100% identical DNA, the study showed that their bacteria were similar to only 40%. Curious and eager to share their discoveries with their audience, they created a website to educate on the subject of the digestive microbiome, its importance and how to take care of it.

Oh and also they are dead funny, have the loveliest Scottish accent you’ll ever hear and are SO NICE! We would be jealous if it was possible, but they are just too friendly. So instead we decided to work with them.

We are very proud to be able to work with them and offer you in this box the guide on the bacteria for the inside beauty. These will include tips, shopping lists and recipes to better get to know your gut.

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